Thursday, 21 April 2011

Harry Potter Shadow Box Number 2 Birthday......

Been a bit chaotic recently for a whole number of reasons but I did manage to finish the second of the shadow boxes for my daughter's 20th Birthday on Tuesday. Here is my gorgeous Grace with the smile every mum wants to see on their girl's birthday. I think she liked it!
 Grace decided that Dobby was really Creacher because of the Sirius wanted poster on the back wall. Who am I to argue?! I have tried with the photographs but I couldn't avoid the reflections. I hope you can still have a good peak inside.
 I added a few extras like the basket of mandrake fruit which are simply dried juniper berries. I can't remember where the wooden basket came from but it was perfect for the scene.
 The wooden fork, spoon and chopping board were part of a selection of raw items I bought on Ebay ages ago but have never used as they were a little to big for 12th scale. They have been stained and painted. 
I am not sure if you can see the book at the front it is called "Recipes for the Cauldron Challenged", which I purchased on Etsy a while ago from Briarwood Miniatures. Perfect for the house elf who filled this bubbling cauldron!
I have really enjoyed filling the shadow boxes and am already planning the October one for my youngest son!! 
I love going to the theatre and am lucky enough to live close enough to London that we can go reasonably regularly. It has been a birthday tradition for quite a few years now for me and my daughter, in that I take her to see plays that she probably wouldn't choose to go to if she was paying for the tickets. Grace loves musicals. Me I am a drama girl. This year I picked In a Forest Dark and Deep by Neil Labute with Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams. 
It was on at the Vaudeville Theatre on The Strand which is a very intimate and has a beautifully restored  interior. Just the right venue for this play as the audience is so close to the characters. We both really enjoyed the play and were surprised by just how good Matthew Fox was. It is quite a brave choice for him, as with only two characters in the play there is no place for him to hide!
Before the play we ate at Smollenskys on The Strand, our favourite place to eat when in this area of London. The food is always good and served very quickly, ideal for pre-theatre meals. 
It is very popular with all types of customers and it is a good idea to book a table. I love the atmosphere of tourists, young upwardly mobiles, families in from the country, ladies who love to shop, city gents and me!!
Have a fabulous holiday weekend everyone. We will be doing family and bar-b-ques in this marvellous weather we are having in England at the moment. Am off now for a bit of catching up!!


  1. I love the shadow box and its soooooooo filled with goodies too! I've seen boxes like these in IKEA and I'd love to do a couple myself..oneday! lol I am so sure that your daughter must have loved it! :o))

    It sounds like you've had a glorious time with you daughter and it's so great that you have a shared love and tradition with your daughter. I can't say I'm a lover of either dramatic theatre or musicals, I love opera and have been fortunate enough to hear it in the best places in London.. The Royal Opera House. ;o))

    My Sister and family are overhere for Easter, so we have a house full! lol

    The weather has been truly glorious here too and I've been off work since Tuesday afternoon and not back at work till after May Day Bank holiday...YAY, so I get to enjoy the great weather! ;o))))

    Have a great Easter break!
    Michelle xx

  2. You have a beautiful daughte and your gift is great! She looks absolutely happy :)

  3. Your daughter is very beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks ladies, she is a gem!

  5. Hi Michelle, love the opera too but have to do that without any of my children, they have drawn that line firmly in the sand after a very poorly received trip to see 'Carmen'. Never again!!

    Do try a shadow box, short and sweet and fun to do. A great way to show case a really prized piece to methinks.

  6. Ohhhhh Janice,
    what a wonderful gift for your sweet daughter! There is so much to see , fantastic!
    I love your shadow box and I am sure your daughter will love it too!

    I wish you and your family a beautiful Easter time,

  7. Janice, like mother, like daughter :) she has your good looks! :)

    I definitely agree with everyone that your roomboxes make fabulous presents :). This one has so many wonderful items , it is no wonder Grace has that big smile on her face :). Keep making them , they definitely bring smiles and thrills :).

  8. What a lovley picture of your beautiful smiling daughter! And a fantastic box, its wonderful! Dobby is too cute to be a nasty house elf, look at that sweet face! I bet it gets pride of place . Small projects like that are so much fun, you see the results so much quicker so very rewarding! Have a fab Easter Katexxx

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter - she looks so happy with that shadow box which is beautiful :) We used to eat at Smollenskys on the Strand a lot when we lived in London :)

  10. The shadowbox is amazing!! I can imagine how happy Grace is. Thank you for the gentle message, Janice! :D

  11. The shadow box is great with loads of details and Grace looks thrilled with it. Hope you have a lovely Easter (we wont be outside as it's cold here today).

    BTW - I had multi-coloured nails when I was 20 too!

  12. What an incredible gift you have made for your beautiful daughter! She does look thrilled with it.

  13. A gorgeous daughter and a fabulous roombox!
    Happy easter!

  14. Many thanks to all of you for your lovely warm and generous comments. I feel as if the sun is shining indoors too.

  15. Your daughter looks soooooo happy with this beautiful shadow box!!!!!!, great work!!!!!!
    regards from Spain

  16. what a lovely way to spend your daughters birthday janice , she is a lucky girl having such a fab mum ! Love the shadow box and I can spot a princess birthday cake there too :0)
    Happy Easter !
    julie xxx


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