Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Well, They Were on the List!!!!

It's time to come clean and own up to a couple more purchases at Miniatura. Lots of comments on my last post congratulating me on being a good girl at the show, so in my defence these were on my list!
I could not go to a show and not look out for another character from the wonderfully talented Julie of Bellabelle Dolls.
As usual Julie had a lovely selection on her stand and I chose this little witchy. 
 Looks like she has made a purchase at Flourish and Blotts and is heading back to The Leaky Cauldron where her older sister is having a nap.
 She is a pretty little thing and definitely a member of the Weasley Family!
I was also very pleased to see Julie still had some of her mirror ghosts for sale. I had the perfect place for 'Charles'.
 He fits perfectly into the guest bedroom above the fireplace. 
As many of you know Julie has been invited to show at the Tom Bishop fair in Chicago and  lucky Jain  is going to accompany her. Wow, what a fab opportunity and they are both so excited, although Julie is a bit terrified too!
I am sure Julie will be a huge success and her dolls will fly off her stand but I hope she will have a few left for Kensington in May!
Lastly how could I resist this little Dumpty for my toyshop?!
I have been collecting nostalgic toys from Sally Reader for my toyshop for a couple of years now. They are so well made and remarkable value. I have a Magic Roundabout set that always makes me think of tea time with my family when I was an awful teenager! I then thank the light that my own teenagers are sooooo much nicer!!
Oh and I did manage to get a couple of sheets of wallpaper to finish off the walls of The Leaky Cauldron. The stand I had purchased the wallpaper from was not at Birmingham for this show as the stand holder had had a recent operation. I then went round all possible stands looking for something that would match up, impossible.
Then just as I was thinking of going home I saw packets of wallpaper on a stand selling fireplaces and they had two sheets!!! Perfect end to a lovely day.


  1. I love your little witch, she is perfect. Julie is so talented! The ghost mirror is fab over the fireplace. So happy to hear you found your paper, that was pure luck. little Dumpty is a cutie :) I think you did well.

    Victoria ❤

  2. Hi Victoria, I was so pleased to find the wallpaper and have at last been able to start on the front panel of the Cauldron.

  3. I love your things, they are so sweet! Especially the little girl and the toy. I so wish we had a similar sale here.

  4. Some more wonderful purchases Janice. Love the little Witch. Humpty reminds me of Playschool, through the Round Window!!! LOL xxx

  5. What a cute little witch and the ghost over your fireplace is looking absolutely great!Julie is really a great talent.I love humpty dumpties ,but this one especially.I too have bought him,if I have been on the fair;-)!Jeannette x

  6. I thought there must be more lol! If id been there, I would have gone for the exact same dolls! The child witch is beautiful, I love her! And the ghost mirror is fantastic, I would love another ghost for my house and so hope I can get to KDF to see if Julie has any! Really great choices! Kate xxx

  7. The little witch is lovely - the freckles are great and your ghost sits above the fireplace perfectly. I think you showed remarkable restraint at NEC - I haven't posted my little lot yet!

  8. I LOVE Dumpty the bestest of all!! Wonderful buys and Julie's dolls are always special to own. You managed to get the 2 sheets of wallpaper too, how fantastically lucky was that!!! :o))

    I've just bought myself my first Greenleaf dollshouse kit from the US and it's just been shipped, I'm sooooooo excited! lol

    Michelle xxx

  9. Nice loot!!
    Love the mirror ghost - almost translucent! I'm in awe of the talent of many miniaturists.

  10. OOH I love your humpty Janice ! I was having a chat with the makers , couldnt help noticing they hadnt made poor hambel LOL we are all so nostagic about play school but nobody I know ever liked Hambel !!
    I would have bought Humpty too, he's gorgeous :0)
    julie xxxx


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