Sunday, 13 March 2011

Leaky Cauldron Roof & a Few Bits & Bobs.....

The roof tiles have now been weathered and no longer have that newly laid terracotta look thank goodness. Many, many washes of dirty greys have toned them down nicely and they have retained a weathered texture. The top part of the roof is a simple square of MDF that lifts off for access into the attic and I decided to edge it in lead strips that I already had to hand. 
I am told that the shiny, newness will tone down as the lead ages. I hope so as it is far too shiny at the moment....These strips were very easy to cut and shape but too thick to crumple and distress. I have tried to bash them about a bit but to no real effect. 
I then discovered this stuff, Artemboss, which comes in sheets and looks perfect for this sort of work. Next time!!!
After edging the top roof I filled the area with gravel for railway modellers. I use quite a lot of railway modelling products for scenery as they are normally really good quality and easily obtainable. I mixed the gravel with a watered down PVA mix, poured, levelled it and left to dry. When it was tacky I sprinkled on a fine green moss, railways again, and I will add a couple of darker colours as this first layer dries.
Lead can be seen glinting away here, hmmmm, will have to leave it and see. 
I want to fill the attic with bundles of leftover newspapers, posters and documents that were hurriedly put away on the demise of "He Who Must Not Be Named". So I have spent some time with Google this week and played with my computer to produce a few bundles. They still need to be aged and grubbied up a little, and tied up with string ready to be bundled up in the attic.
I made all the 'parchment' by soaking A4 photo quality paper in a coffee mix and then a quick dry in a heated oven. Normal paper seems to disintegrate when soaked but the photopaper is much stronger. 
I used some pieces to line the walls of the attic plus I have added some single LED lights which will be hidden behind the junk and mess. These lights were really cheap from Ebay and are a bit bulky but they work fine.
A few dingy portraits will be stacked along the walls. A grey wash over the top has aged them but they still need to be sealed.
I now have to search through all my bits and pieces for other items to scatter around the attic floor. A long while ago I read all about layering and painting items to create a dolls house attic. Can I find it now I need it? Of course not.


  1. I love how the roof tiles have turned out, so so much better for that colouring Janice! and what a fab idea to add those posters to the wall, really fun, look great!
    Takes more time than you think just doing little things like this dosnt it, but all those details add so much to a project! More More!!! Kate xxx

  2. Fabulous Janice!! It all gels together superbly and I love the little printies you have added!

    To age my lead I hit it with a blunt modelling tool (a metal one I think). I used Richard's Stacey's lead so I am unsure whether it's softer as I had no trouble in aging it.

    You have achieved more than me this weekend! I shall have a small blog post later and soooo many thanks for the email too. :o)))

    Michelle xxx

  3. I know Kate! The time all these little bits take is amazing. Especially when you are as inept as me when re-sizing and changing colours etc etc. I never seem to get the right size first time. It was a good job I made a large batch of paper!
    But they are fun to do.

  4. Hi Michelle, you might be right. My strips were easy to cut but quite thick. I don't think I could have rumpled and crumpled them very easily without doing myself some damage.
    Have not done anything this weekend except recover from the disaster of my paperclay. My son's birthday on Tuesday so went back to basics in an effort to finish the shadow box.

  5. I love your roof detailing. It is looking so good!

  6. I love the roof Janice! The gravel and moss are a wonderful idea, still trying to decide what to put on mine. The walls of your attic are fab! You did a great job with your printies, it is hard to get the right size. I think the lead will age fairly quick but maybe one of your readers will know what to do.

    Victoria ❤

  7. Lots of good progress here Janice and the roof looks great, I like the mossy touches too. Thanks for the coffee soaking/drying in oven tip. I might need that soon.

  8. its all looking great, I've always been put off by using lead too cos of its shinyness as I am to impatient to wait for it to age naturally, so look forward to seeing how long yours will take. I love the printies Janice! my printer doesnt give out anywhere near as good quality :o( methinks I may have to get a nice new one soon, is yours an inkjet printer or a laser sort?

  9. Janice, has hecho un trabajo genial con el tejado, te ha quedado fantastico.
    Yo no soy nada buena para hacer diarios, papiros... lo mio no es miniatura en papel.
    A ti te ha quedado perfecto, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  10. Thanks ladies, little by little the cauldron id taking shape. Now on to the dratted windows!

  11. Wendie, my printer is an HP normal inkjet which can copy and scan as well,but don't ask me how!
    It came free when I bought my Notebook, but my mini printing was never very good, a bit fuzzy and often blurred.
    Then I discovered in my printing menu an option for 'best print quality' this really improved how they came out.


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