Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Witch E.T. Grubb's Emporium Part 6 ..........

Following all the great advice I have been given by lots of talented bloggers I have begun to prepare the top flooring. I am using very thin sheets of balsa which I have cut to size. On the left is a sheet I have scored into floor boards, aged with tweezers and added worm holes. The right hand sheet has been prepared in the same way but the floor boards have been scored using a soft black pencil. I have then painted with a wash of soft grey. I will now leave them to dry over night before adding a second wash of burnt umber. I actually quite like this grey wash but I will play around tomorrow with a top wash.
 My extra floor tiles arrived this morning and I was still one short! I had to be a little creative with the cutting and have hidden the end cuts in the space that will eventually be under the stairs. It looks a little yellow in this light but it is grey.
I have also been playing with the front display windows. I got rid of the zebra striped steel grey that was a horrible mistake and have simply painted the main unit with a slight texture. My stone planter has been glued into place ready for planting and I have added the main architraves I really like the purple against the grey.
This is how the front should eventually look when all the jobs are finished. I have found some lead strips for the bay window roofs which I am looking forward to trying, it is a new product to me.
The roof is definitely looking ignored so I must think about setting about the task sooner rather than later. I would have liked the Sid Cooke tiles but have opted for the range by Minaco
The tiles are actually darker than the photo shows and I must admit are a little rougher than I had expected. I can see a lot of rubbing and sanding being required but I am sure they will stick and shape up fine. They are a lot cheaper than Sid Cooke so maybe I expected too much.
I know the purists will tell me that I should have gone with clay tiles but this roof is quite large and although I like building houses they are always a means to an end because it is the filling of them I enjoy the most!


  1. looks good! both floors look nice but I think I like the scored one...

  2. YOur project is looking great. The purple is really highlighting the front of the house and gives it some personality.

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  4. I have this house too Janice and my roof was only card roof tiles so Im sure these will look great! I love the purple against the grey too, will be nice to follow through with that colour inside somewhere, Kate xx

  5. It's looking lovely, I will have to read back through all your posts and catch up. I love the colours you are using:0) We have used those roof tiles, they are a little fragile, so be carefull when sanding them, but they do look fab when they are in place, I'm sure you wont be dissapointed.
    Julia xxxx

  6. You are doing so well!!! The wooden flooring is great and the grain lines are perfect! I prefer the flooring on the left...I think it's the one you've worked on more? It will look great once it's down. ;o)

    The front of your shop looks much better and I am glad that you are happy with it now! ;o))

    Do you mean Richard Stacey tiles? I've never seen tiles by Sid Cooke. :o) If you aren't too happy with the colour you can tone down with a wash or two of acrylic when in situ or even paint them another colour (clay colour..you already have the texture). I did some ageing on my roof tiles (Richard Stacey) for my witch's house.

    You've been busy!
    Michelle xx

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  8. Ha merecido el esfuerzo, te esta quedando fenomenal.
    Besitos, May


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