Sunday, 22 August 2010

Witch E.T. Grubb's Emporium Part 5 ..........

The bottom front of the shop has this very elegant window front and I had originally had the idea of lots of layers of greys which would be dry brushed.

As you can see I have ended up with this awful zebra effect.
Worse than that the greys are all the wrong shade for the marl stone work, much too steel/blue grey which clashes horribly......This meant more mixing and I decided to go with a lighter grey finish. The top bay windows do not come with the kit, I bought them from Minimum World and have adapted them to fit. I also have one for the side wall too. I think they have added a bit of extra shape to the house and provide extra display space. 
I am going to paint all the outside woodwork this deep purple oh and the shop doors too. Not sure if I will follow this colour into the shop because of all the internal colour of the hats, dresses etc. I can decide that later once I play with my inside toys. 

 This is one of the planters I made from balsa and paper clay. Still needs another dry brushing of the darker grey but they too are coming along now I have got the right grey base colour.
I must also thank all of you who have offered me so much good advice concerning making a wooden floor and colour washing and staining. Absolutely invaluable!
Today I have been practising scoring and staining the false floor boards. I will let these dry over night and then add another coat, and then make the final choice I hope!
I also laid the flagstones on the ground floor. Love them but none of the doors will open now so they will need to be cut to size. I remember reading this on another blog, I think it was Michelle's, and I have to say the external door design is pretty ridiculous as all flooring except a thin paper will cause this. 
Bit silly really as is the not supplying any acetate for the windows, or door mouldings, or arched window architraves or.........hmmm I could go on are you listening Sid Cooke!!! 
Six goals for the Arsenal yesterday, lovely day out with my daughter before her return to Sheffield Uni. Gosh the summer has flown by and I will miss her lovely cheery smile and common sense until we see her at Christmas.


  1. La fachada te está dando mucho trabajo. Esperaré a los siguientes pasos. Seguro que al fial consigues una tienda preciosa.
    Besos Clara.

  2. I feel for you! I know how frustrating it can be when things do not go to plan! :o(

    Your stone (marl) is a warmer grey than the one you have mixed up (well, that's what the photo I said before photographing grey is a nightmare and it look's different in real life! :o(( ) If you haven't succeeded in finding the right grey yet, try a little brown in the grey.

    Dry brushing doesn't mean you have paint in the direction which you have done. You can dry brush in any direction and if you don't want 'any' brush strokes to show simply gently rub over with a soft cloth to merge the two layers/colours (slightly) and to remove your brush strokes. You can also use your fingers. ;o)

    I am sure there are others with better advice, but this is I have done with my own projects. ;o)

    Yes, it was me and those dreaded conservatory doors wouldn't open and had to rub the doors down in situ! :o((

    I love the bay windows that you've added..a lovely touch and it makes the kit even more interesting. I've had problems with Sid Cooke kits, the doors etc are too basic. They are not cheap kits either..they need to supply better and more realistic doors. The houses also fit extremely tight and this can mean lots of rubbing down to allow room for glue. :o(

    I love the idea of balsa for oak flooring and I am going to use the same method. I love how Balsa ages and can be aged. I look forward in seeing your flooring! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Oh, where did you get your paint pots from, the ones with lids? I have been on the look out for ages, I have seen smaller ones, but I want some larger ones too.I have to admit I have looked in the Range yet! At the moment it's a case of putting cling film over the tops so that the paint doesn't dry out!

    Michelle xx

  4. Hi Michelle, the paint pots are simply very cheap tuppaware probably from the range.

    I see what you mean about dry brushing, i have now abandoned that idea and gone for texture. But I have been working hard on the balsa today and I am very pleased with that idea. Will post tomorrow. Preparing the balsa is quite time consuming but the washing is quick but I am sticking to Nikki's warning and leaving it to dry over night before putting on another coat.

  5. i love the stone work~ it's going to turn out great!


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