Saturday, 14 August 2010

Where Has The Summer Gone?.......

Well it has felt like Autumn here in Hertfordshire today, leaves are falling and nothing but grey skies. I feel as if the Summer is drawing to a close especially as we begin preparing for a return to uni and school. Lots of shopping for suits and shirts for my two boys and plenty of blankets for my girlie who is moving into her first student house.
Student housing is a bit of a dirty phrase in this house as I have two children at uni for whom I pay extortionate rents for homes that are little above squat level as far as I am concerned. The whole business just seems like a licence to make money but greedy and unscrupulous landlords and letting agents. Yes I know you are going to tell me that there are lots of very nice landlords and it is the students who are the problem.....but, sorry I have not come across any of that sort.
As you can tell by my rant I have been busy writing cheques lately!!!!
Anyway enough of that I have managed to do a little retail therapy of my own. Firstly my gorgeous houses from the lovely Veronique Lux
How fabulous is this trio. Have a look at the site the photos show most of Veronique's selection of items which are quite eclectic. You can order via email directly and Veronique is extremely helpful and kind. We managed with a mix of school girl French on my side and much better school girl English on hers!
These houses are made of card, paper and trimmings and finally hand painted ranging from 1 inch to 31/2 inches for the tallest. I adore them I think they are the prettiest things I have ever bought.
I was also lucky enough to win this cute dragon by Nicky who also sent a beautifully painted chair for him to perch
He will be a fine addition to my mini menagerie or witch house I haven't decided yet. His wings are very delicately made and fit perfectly.
While browsing Ebay and thinking the quality of OOAK items seems to be falling dramatically where have all the most talented gone? I came across this little basket by Ella Rose
which I received yesterday and am really pleased with. It is very well crafted and has lovely detail. 
I am finding that Ebay is getting more and more difficult to use as there is so much obvious sniping going on especially with the more sought after buyers. Give me a Buy It Now anytime. I prefer etsy but can never find what I want from either UK or Euro buyers, plus the site is very cumbersome to use.
Oh my goodness I am grumpy today! I need a some me time badly!!!!


  1. Pretty little basket. I, too, find it hard sifting through the mediocre stuff that seems to be flooding both ebay and etsy lately. I recently ordered something that looked really nice in the picture but in person was not quite as nice...and not quite to scale. Live and learn. I don't even bother with ebay anymore due to the rampant sniping. Give me an old fashioned miniature show where I can touch it and see it close up before I buy it. Now I only buy online from people I know and trust.

    Ew....I sound pretty grumpy, too... :-)

  2. Lovely, lovely basket, lucky find! Cute dragon, cute little houses. I'm off to check out Veronique now. Mmm, I hate ebay auctions too, I seldom enter them and never ever win, buy it now suits me too.

  3. summer ?? what summer ? I must have blinked and missed it !
    Hope you get your lads off to uni okay.
    Absolutely love those little houses , they are stunning !
    I sometimes use Buy it now for my ebay auctions. My last auctions have been clearing the way for my new work so I went for very low start prices purely to clear stock .
    I am thinking of adding a buy it now for future auctions , your comment makes me think this could be the way forward.
    julie xxx

  4. Empezar Septiembre, es empezar a gastar dinero en colegios, libros........hay que empezar a hacer muchas cuentas jejejeje
    Las casitas que has comprando son preciosas.
    besitos ascension

  5. Janice - I always find that a bit of sorting/cataloguing in my craft room works wonders when I'm scratchy about life. It clears my head and I often think of new projects while doing it - something to look forward to. :)

  6. I love the little houses, there ARE sooo pretty! :o)) The dragon is my favourite! ;o)

    I rarely use Ebay and it's mainly for supplies rather than mini's if I do. I only go for Buy it now option. Sniping? I had to Google it! lol It's always gone on (well since I've used Ebay), it's no fun I just have to be aware. :o((

    I'm glad that the cooler weather is here. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  7. Hi Tabitha, I think I have to agree with you but I get a bit retail starved in between shows!!
    But too many disappointments recently have made me realise that I should stick with the 'reviews' on Blogland and follow others' links and recommendations.

  8. Hi Susan, can I say how much I adore your teeny crochet teddies, they always make me smile.

  9. Hi Julie, I am always on the look out for the odd piece of yours on Ebay but have been unlucky so far.
    Looking forward to seeing all your new work at Miniatura in October.

  10. I got fed up of buying on ebay as well.... now when I do I am always very wary.

    I love your purchases though...the houses are adorable.

    I remember student housing...bleh.

    Summer has only just started has been unseasonably cool so far but is 40c today...not a good day to be outside painting lol.


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