Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Emporium's Exterior Part 3 ....and a local fair.

I have completed a little more on the exterior today working with balsa and Creative Paperclay. The shop has a clear definition between the bottom two floors and the attic floor. Instead of using the molding that came with the kit I have decided to make some long 'stone troughs'. I made a basic box like structure from long pieces of balsa with built in gaps for flowers, vines and the odd animal maybe. Very basic I know and my initial idea was to spray them with stone effect paint.
I changed my mind, however, and decided to cover them with clay 'pebbles'. I am not sure if I did this right as I stuck the 'pebbles' to the balsa using PVA glue. It seems to have worked ok.
I started with 'pebbles' that were too large but gradually got into the swing and made them less uniform. I textured them with a nail brush and will paint them in various shades of grey. Other bloggers have had a problem with the clay shrinking, this will not be too big a problem I hope as I can feel the gaps with moss etc.
At first I was a little concerned by the weight of these troughs but as the clay has dried they have lightened up quite a lot.
On Sunday morning I went to the only fair that is local to me. It was arranged by Dolly Daydreams in a village hall. I went along as I knew two of the stands were being manned by Mouse House Miniatures and Terence Stringer. Above you can see all the lovely food items I bought from Mouse House. I have long come to the conclusion that miniature food is way beyond my competence with fimo or clay and I will gladly leave it in the hands of artisans who know what they are doing.
I have a number of pieces from Mouse House from various shows and I love them. These are all for my witch's kitchen or potting area. The cabbages are simply superb.
I also bought this tiny little hand-painted cottage from Terence. It is a hand turned wooden 'box', the roof can be removed, with an elderly couple who live in the cottage. This is for my toy shop.
I couldn't resist these bits and pieces from another seller whose name I didn't catch at the time. The paint and glue will find a home in my toy shop, while all the ribbons, wool and cotton reels will be great in my emporium and Diagon Alley.
Not a bad haul for a local fair and only a 20 minute journey!


  1. Some nice buys there...love the cabbages. I have little patience or skill with clay as well :-(

    The troughs look great...I would actually hope for a little shrinkage as moss between the pebbles will be very realistic.

  2. What a wonderful minies you've found, the cabbages really are fabulous! And I love that little cottage, so cute :) And those bits and pieces are so well done! I want sometime to be able to go to a fair :)

    Really can't wait to see the Emporiums exterior to come together :)

  3. Lovely minis, Janice!! Love the peas!

    Last week I ordered something from Terence Stringer, can't wait to get it!! His website is so full of exquisite minis.

  4. Janice, it's great to see that you are experimenting with paperclay too!!! :o)) I can't wait to see how you colour your pebbles. I will be checking again on Hogwarts for cracks and shrinkage. No shrinkage to date, but some tiny cracks, but that's fine.

    Was you paperclay sourced in the UK? I had to ask! lol

    I love your new mini's from the local fair...just wonderful!

    Michelle xxx

  5. Thanks ladies,

    Glenda you will not be disappointed. I only have a couple of his pieces but they are gorgeous. They are a really nice couple too and were really pleased to think of his house being part of Blogland.

    Jayne, not a huge amount of shrinkage today but I will add moss anyway. As I was making more pebbles today I thought - eyes - they would look fab peeking out from little gaps. Too late now but I am going to keep it in mind for Diagon Alley.

    Michelle, Hobbycraft now sell Creative Paperclay, I saw it the other day. I have had mine for ages but I think I bought it from a link Nikki put on her blog. I normally use the stuff in the red packaging and I really haven't noticed any huge difference in quality.

  6. Looking forward to seeing how those planters turn out, a great idea, and the eyes would have been so cool. I made eyeball rose climbers on the outside of my witches hat shop. I saw paperclay in Hobbycraft too! wonderful buys. Sometimes the local fairs are good, always alot cheaper so you can buy more! Kate xx

  7. Hi Kate, I used to travel to a lot of the local fairs but have got out of the habit and now only go to this one and one other that is a short drive.
    I agree though you can pick up 'fillers' really cheap.

    I would like to find some good quality eyes now though, any ideas where?

  8. Thanks for that Janice, I will take a look next time I am there! I've not seen one in red packaging I only I know of 3 brands.

    Eyes sound like a great idea for the pebbles. Hobbycraft do sell some fab (tiny) eyes, but I don't know of other sources for you.

    Michelle xx

  9. Not sure of a place for good eyes Janice, I just make mine from fimo, white/translusent, bake then paint with acrylics . use a small drop of blue/brown/ or green and then a dot on a toothpick for the pupil and dry. I then use a red pen to put in bloodshot lines and gloss. Then just dot them around in amongst the plants! Kate xxx

  10. Thanks Kate, I will certainly have a go at this as some of the sites I have looked at are either very expensive or far too big.


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