Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Remember the Foam Clay? Preparing for Honeydukes.....

As I was feeling a little 'potioned out' I thought I would leave the dark and dingy shelves of Slug and Jiggers for a couple of weeks and try my hand at sweet making ready for Honeydukes. A few weeks ago I saw these pots in The Range, cheap as chips, ideal for playing with and getting to grips with clay. If my attempts are as awful as they usually are I won't feel I have wasted a ton of money.
The little pots contained a very light, easily kneaded compound that appears to be full of tiny caviar beads. It is a little bit sticky and you have to make sure you keep all your pieces well spaced as they will merge into each other. The clay is air drying too which is good.
 Some lollipops both giant and small. You can see the beaded texture of the clay which is great for sweets. This clay can only be rolled and squashed really and it will settle flat if you try and make something with more weight. I was hoping to make dragon eggs from the more earthy colours but the shapes just flattened on the glass tile.
 Some candy canes. Not too sure about scales yet but they look ok.
 Medium and tiny clusters for jars of sweets. The pom pom lollipops have cheap plastic hair brush bristles for their sticks. A tip that has worked very well.
 The texture can really be seen well here. They look like the horrible sweets you get with Liquorice Allsorts
At the back of the tile are my attempts at liquorice wands and sticks. Again I sort of guessed the scales and thought any over sized ones can be put in shopping baskets. 
More weird and wonderful lollipops that will need their sticks cut to size. I allowed everything to dry off overnight and it appears to have hardened off perfectly well. Apparently this stuff sticks to paper as well so I will use the more earthy tones on book covers.
I have also been playing with Sculpey but I will share the results of that experiment tomorrow!!


  1. Hello Janice,
    I am really impressed. The candy looks beautiful and very realistic. Well you made me hungry...
    big hug,

    1. Yum, yum they do look very inviting!!

  2. These look great Janice :) the clay really is brilliant!
    Those licqourice sweets you mention are always my favourites haha!
    can't wait to see your endeavours into sculpey sweet making too :)

    1. Yuk, I think they are horrible!!

  3. Your lollipops are delicious!
    Bye, Faby

  4. The clay sticks to paper, cardboard, fabric and wood. So if you can find tiny wooden egg shaped pieces, cover those woth the clay for your dragon eggs :D

    1. What a great idea Susanna, of course then they will hold their shape. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Janice!
    I found your blog a few hours ago and have been browsing through your old posts ever since. I literally spent hours looking at all your amazing minis, both the purchases and your own creations. Please allow me to say that this one of the most fantastic blogs I have ever seen. I love every project in your Diagon Alley, it's all very impressive.
    I could comment on every blog entry you have so far, they're all just so amazing. But rather than swamping you with comments I decided to just post one longer one. Truly amazing work and now that I've found this little piece of mini heaven I will be sure to read and comment regularly!
    Please keep making such fantastical minis and thank you so much for the unbelievable amount of inspiration!

    Jana aka Illyria

  6. Hi Janice! I love the texture of the foam clay and you have put it to good use and the candies are really turning out well. I have never seen clay with built in micro beads but it works! You have made a delicious assortment of sweets and the hair bristles for the lolly sticks is a really good tip!
    Every thing looks yumy!


  7. Going to have to try this stuff Janice. Looks really great. Have you tried that paper clay yet?


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