Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Let The Light Shine on Slug and Jiggers......

I have finished messing about with the LED lighting at last. I received the warm light strips I wanted from Small World Products. I chose three strips with 6 lights and three with 3 lights plus one for over the false door. These replaced the daylight ones that were too bright.
 Thanks to my helpful followers I have discovered that these lights can be toned down by adding a coat or two of acrylic paint and I have done this with all the strips. 
 I didn't want the lights to be too strong simply a way of highlighting the shelves and shedding a mysterious glow. I left a daylight strip behind the goblin to give the impression of a different room behind the door.
I have filled the last three corner crates with various flasks I have collected by Nikki Rowe, Julie Lawton and PixieDust Miniatures but I am not sure if this is the right place for them.
 What do you think? Should I continue with the glass theme of all the other shelves or do these flasks provide an interesting break from the other pieces?
 I have also purchased these gorgeous mortar and pestles from an extremely talented and helpful miniaturist Dave Williams of Harvington Miniatures. I asked Dave if he would make me a tiny mortar and pestle for my travelling potion case for display in the window of S&J and he instantly obliged. How kind is that!? There are lots of very interesting pieces on the website so please pop over and have a browse.
I finished off the plans for Honeydukes today and I hope I have thought of everything. It was a bit more complicated than I thought so I hope all me measurements are correct. If not I can always turn it into a wonky house!


  1. What a wonderful glow! The bottles look positively eerie and full of serious magic.

  2. Love the lighting, especially how you have put the daylight strip behind the goblin. Really adds to the effect. I'm not sure about the corner crates. I absolutely love the items and they should find a space in your room but I like the shelves full of your potion jars. Just my thoughts. Love the mortar and pestles. Just looked on the Harvington Miniatures site - amazing pieces.

  3. I love it Janice. Those lights are great. So are those mortar and pestles.

  4. Love the light in your shop, Janice! Looks simply great!

  5. Que bonitos quedan iluminados,me encantan!!!

  6. A very magical place with the lights..
    Bye, Faby

  7. Love the lighting Janice, it really gives a wonderful magical glow to your jars and is very atmospheric.. The lighting behind the door isso magical too :D
    I really like those jars in the crates, it breaks the glassware up. They must be pretty important to be in their own shelves so them being extra special artisan made pieces is perfect :D (well I think so anyway haha)
    Love the turned pieces too! Perfect for the shop :D can't wait to see more as ever!

  8. me gusta el ambiente que da esa iluminación, consiguió realmente un toque de misterio
    un abrazo

  9. Hello Janince! Wow, does adding the right lighting ever make a difference to the mood of the piece! I think you acted wisely in changing the interior shelf lighting to a warmer one than the one behind the door. Not only does it give your goblin a highlight of his own without a spotlight on him directly but it also allows your lotions and potions to compete without overwhelming the scene. Do you have any with a fluorescence glow in the dark filling in them? That would be cool looking when the lights are dimmed!


  10. une collection impressionnante de flacons et c'et géniale avec la lumière .
    moi aussi j'ai définitivement adopté les leds .Je vais aussi faire un essai de couleur acrylique pour donner des effets dans la hutte d'Hagrid.

  11. Janice, Slug & Jiggers looks fabulous with the lights. Bet your thrilled to bits with how it all looks. I Love

  12. All I want to do is to shrink myself and go potions shopping :D

    Love the special bottles in their crates,a good way to showcase them.


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