Thursday, 23 May 2013

Slug and Jiggers Needs A Lot of Stuff!!

I have been trying to get to grips with the internal dressing of Slug and Jiggers this week and began with the internal windows of the workroom. So far I have installed two window ledges.
 This room is supposed to be much more hectic and messy than the pristine downstairs. The shelves have a mixture of potion making paraphenalia. Scrolls, manuscripts and acorn caps are mingled with a skull and brass hour glass. A couple of Ray Storey's hand blown jars have been filled with pumpkin potion and topped with Lory's tiny pumpkins. The two pumpkins are by Nikki Rowe.
 The second shelf is full of my mandrakes by Mag's Magnifient Miniatures and Georgia Marfels. Plus the obligatory scrolls, parchments, candles, a pile of potion labels, a few mushrooms and some golden balls of sunshine!!
I also decided to have a go at making some open 'wine' boxes for special potions to display in the apothecary. I used my lovely new table saw for cutting the wood in super quick time and almost all of them were the right size!!
 I think I will stain them in wood and then give them an over wash to match the colour of the potion inside the box. Glue on a Slug and Jiggers label and I am sure they will fly off the shelves.
 An untidy workroom will mean lots of scrolls so I sat down in front of the television one evening this week and began rolling. I have tried to use up any printies I have that will never be used because they were the wrong scale or surplus to requirements. 
 Love my new saw.......cut a worktop to size, stained and polished then glued to the counter. 
 I decided the 'glass' top would not work as potion making surface and prefer the wooden top. The internal drawers have all been filled with ingredients, mostly from my herb shelves all mixed with PVA to make them stay in place.
There seems to be so many things to do at the moment that I have found it hard to start. On unpacking my stash I realised I had very few wizardy brass items, so I am waiting for a couple of bits and pieces to arrive. I want to make some piles of manuscripts and labels, brown paper packages tied up with string and work out how to install the copper piping. 
I really should have gone for a minimalist project!!


  1. Janice!!! I Absoloutely love it!!! It's exactly how I'd imagined it so far :)
    I bought two lovely mandrakes from Georgia at kdf for my apothecary too!! :) love the messy shelving and of course, just love the pumpkins by nikki, so wish I'd have been collecting more back when she was making all the witchy items.. I really missed out there :/

    The tiny crates are a fun idea! And I just love the counter with all the herbs in and much prefer the wood top counter!! :D

  2. I am a great fan of Georgia, she always has a few pieces in her Etsy shop and her wizarding mice are so funny! Now I must get back to my gluing paper piles. I will be untidy! I will be untidy! I will be untidy!!

  3. This is great! A glass table would show all the little mini fingerprints - I like the wood!

  4. las ventanas le quedaron muy originales me gustan los pergaminos bajo las macetas
    un abrazo

  5. Hello Janice,
    Juist wonderful! your work and the pieces you collect are all such wonderful quality artowrk. It is looking beautiful.

  6. This looks great! When I started with minis my first plan was to make a café and I was always annoyed by the glass top of my counter :) So, why do always just the others have the good ideas???? Your counter looks great now and I love the shelving!

  7. Preciosas han quedado estupendas.
    Un abrazo.

  8. It's looking great so far. I love the way you dress your projects and put all your mini pieces together. Look forward to seeing the finished scene.

  9. Hi Janice! A whole lot of details and activity is underway and it all looks really good! You certainly have infused this room with the "spirits of productivity" and it isn't even all together yet! Your work is fantastic!



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