Thursday, 2 September 2010

My Diagon Alley stash grows and I have a new toy......

I have been building up items for my Diagon Alley project and was unable to resist these pieces by the extremely talented Traci of Feythcrafts. The lizard/dragons will go in the Menagerie and the book, which was actually a keyring, can be placed anywhere really. The dragons are curled up inside a walnut shell and an acorn. Her shop is full of great items and I have asked her to make me a couple of things in 12th scale which I am expecting very soon.
I came across these 'cages' on etsy from dimestoreemporium for a very reasonable price. I thought they will look good not only for creatures but as candle holders too. I ordered the copper ones and the very kind seller popped in the two metal ones too. They came from Washington and arrived in four days, how amazing is that?
These beads are for bubbles in the cauldrons I will spread around various projects following all the helpful tutorials to be found here on Blogland. They come from a site recommended by a fellow blogger but I can't remember which one.

 I also purchased these absolutely fabulous wings from the same site........

........but, they are much bigger than I anticipated, much bigger. I can't have read the dimensions properly. Any ideas? My first thought was to simply cut them down to size. They were meant to hang from the ceiling of the apothecary and in a fantasy world they can be reasonably large. I just hate the idea of doing this to such beautiful items. Oh well, I haven't made an Internet mistake for a while now.
Of course I couldn't resist Nikki's collection of toadstools and mushrooms which will find a home in many of my witchy projects. They are beautifully made as usual and perfectly packaged. My absolute favourite, though, has to be my skeli-grow board also by Nikki.

I had another picture showing the legs of the board/tray, it's like a lap tray you could use in bed, but for some reason it will not load. The details are wonderful right down to the bubbles in the flask and the veining on the eyeballs.
I have not been blogging recently because I have a new toy not of the mini kind. I have gone over to Apple with a new Mac Book Pro. I have abandoned Windows which is a big step for me as I am never keen on change but I had just had enough of all the system incompatibilities and increasing stability issues. Hence I have been playing with all the new buttons and methods. Plus transferring all the data from my old laptop. 
Despite all the differences I am very pleased with the Mac but it does not crash or freeze every ten minutes and that is enough for me!


  1. I've seen the first site before, I think Ewa bought a dragon from's a wonderful site though and I love the book..I love everything you bought!

    The site where you bought the cages, what a wonderful find! I love the ideas to use these for cages and what great items on that site too! ;o))

    Hmm the Wings..well if you were doing a fairy bed they'd make a great canopy. Alas, I'm lost for ideas for HP stuff. :o(

    The skell grow board is great..I already own one Nikki made earlier and a table..but I do love how's she aged the cauldron on your one. Great mini's Janice!

    Before I bought my most recent Dell laptop, I almost bought an Apple Mac laptop, as I've wanted one for years. I was put off having to covert everything and as I don't use it much for work, etc I couldn't be arsed so I put the money towards something else instead! lol I hope you are having lots of fun with it though.

    Michelle xxx

  2. Janice the little Dragons are fabulous. I must admit, I brought a couple the other day. Some other great purchases as well. They are the bubbles that I used in Nikki's Cauldron. So many uses for them. Such a shame that the Wings are too big, but maybe you could use them to decorate something. Thanks for sharing the links..x

  3. Love those cages, will check the seller out in a few mins and see if they have any left.
    I cant think what you could do to make the wings smaller. They really are beautiful though!
    Glad your happy with the board too!
    The beautiful beads you have bought sink if you just put them on top of liquid fimo in a cauldron. But if you bake the cauldron with some liquid fimo to a lower level and once cooled add more liquid fimo and the beads they will come up beautiful. I think it was debbies blog you may have seeen a tutorial but i think i have shown one too ages ago.
    Wish i had a new comp like yourself. I'd love an iPad and would give anything to own one.
    Nikki xxx

  4. I love the seller with the dragons too. I think Debbie got one in the shell too. They are so beautiful. Hope she makes more and can treat myself to one.

  5. Lovely goodies and great finds Janice.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxx

  6. New baby dragons on the blogland! Cool! Love your new miniatures. And lucky you with your post-office - I've been waiting for my last order from Nikki for already 3 weeks now...I don't know what I could do to make my parcels come to me fast and not lost;)

  7. Que buenas compras has hecho, son todas fantasticas.
    Tengo ganas de ver donde las vas a poner.
    Besitos, MAy

  8. wow !! all very nice !!!
    mini hugs ♥

  9. Very nice purchases!

    Greetings, Karin.

  10. I am using a Mac too but with Windows. haha. Too much to change with my office using windows programme.

    I love the lanterns, Janice. Thanks for the links!

  11. You'll have fun with all those mushrooms Janice! Love the dragons and those cages will be great for hanging allsorts, i have to get me some of those! Im sure Hagrid had cages like that. This will be a great project, one Ill love to watch grow ! Kate xxx

  12. Lovely purchases!!! All these things will go wonderfully together in a scene! Can't wait to see! -ara

  13. ¡Que buenas compras! Ya estoy deseando ver que haces con todo lo que te has comprado.
    Besos Clara

  14. Hi ladies, love my Mac which I am using with Windows for Mac but trying to get used to Safari after years of Explorer.

    Nikki, I have looked at the ipads for my eldest son and I am not quite sure how useful they actually are. Great for travelling and for long car journeys but in the house? Hmmmm......not convinced yet.

    The dragons will appear all over Blogland I think which is great for Traci. Will post my 1/12th items as soon as they arrive, I can't wait to see them.

    The cages are really well made with a lift off lift plus the postage is very reasonable. Would be great for Hagrid I think Kate and any project that require hanging items as they have a 'handle' on the lid.


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