Friday, 3 September 2010

At Last a Day All to Myself........The Emporium Part 6 I think!

Now don't get me wrong I love my children and on a good day the old man's not too bad but too much of a good thing........drives a woman to drink!!!
Today, however, I got to have the house to myself: husband in Holland, number one son at work, daughter on a uni field trip and youngest son sleeping off his friend's 18th birthday somewhere....
So I got up with all the joys of an Indian Summer and looked forward to a whole, selfish day with my Emporium.
I was determined to finish off the attic.......
........which I did ,more or less, the floor is down on both levels. I finally got the finish I liked although it is a little dark. The beams have been aged and stained. The windows are in - or not - made a boo boo here. I put in the plastic and the beams and then realised I had forgotten the window frames! So pulled out the beams which had just set, and squeezed in the window frames. 
I have lots of vintage Halloween posters that I intend to put up and age for this area. I keep changing my mind as to what I want in here, I think this will be the working area where all the hats, dresses and shoes are made. Perhaps an elf shoe maker in the top attic?
This will be the wall hiding the stairs on ground floor plus some under stairs storage. I have had to remove the door to make it smaller now I have laid the stone floor - so annoying that not one of the doors  has enough lip to allow for flooring! So this floor is getting there too.
I have done a few more jobs too but the light was too bad for photographs by the time I finished. 
A very satisfying day!
I was also lucky enough to win Julia's lovely sampler in her charity auction. This will go with my Siamese cat birth sampler in my florist. Thank you Julia it's lovely.
Back to reality tomorrow with various chores but I hope to sneak a bit more mini-ing in during the evening.


  1. It's lovely to have a day you can devote to miniatures without the daily interruptions - usually my lot looking to be fed! Your emporiums's coming along nicely.

  2. ¡Te entiendo perfectamente! Esa soledad es un paraiso para nosotras. Veo que has disfrutado el día. Me gusta mucho ese muro de piedra.
    El cuadro es un regalo precioso.
    Besos Clara

  3. love the sampler what a lovely prize. looking at your other blogs Diagon Alley amazing i adore Harry Potter, Many thanks for following my blog


  4. Hi janice, I love how you have done the attic, its great to see how different your Emporium is to mine, its such a versatile building isnt it !
    Your witches will be ready very soon Janice, they have made me promise to dress them before the week is out ;0)
    julie xxx

  5. Your Emporium is coming together quite quickly and all the stonework looks great. Nice prize too. BTW, did you ever receive your garden swap gift Janice, a month since I sent it now!

  6. I love the attic, the beam colour is just perfect! I make boo boo's like that...AND I plan and plan and still make them! lol ;o)

    I've have the attic as a working area. ;o)) The brick wall is made that yourself? I love the stone look, most effective.

    I know what you mean when you don't have family around you...bliss! lol I have my God Mother coming to stay on Thursday - Saturday morning so I will need to tidy up the craft room where she sleeps! ;o)

    Michelle xx

  7. Hi ladies, finally things are beginning to take shape.

    Julie, can't wait to see the gals, hope they will like their new surroundings!

    Margeret, what a coincidence. I went to the post collection office on Saturday to pick up a parcel and the lovely old man who works behind the counter brought out your package. It looked much the worse for wear and has obviously seen more of the world than I have ! Everything was fine and I have already placed them on my florist. Thank you so much.

    Michelle the stone work on the stair divide is that stone effect spray. I painted the MDF grey first, it does need an undercoat for bonding. Then cut up making tape to create the stones. Then sprayed. Very easy and very effective. Quick too!!


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