Sunday, 5 September 2010

Every Day in Every Way.........Emporium Part 7 Plus a Well-Travelled Swap

Every day, in every way I'm getting closer and closer. Now I know that when you look at these photos it doesn't look as if I have been doing anything but I have to tell you this project is time consuming!!! Plus because everything is in grey it just never seems to look any different, but I assure you I have been hard at it.
These are the front bay and side bay windows that I bought as extras with their lead roofs. This lead is from Richard Stacey
.....and is incredibly easy to use. It just folds into whatever shape you are sticking it to and cuts like a dream. I wish I had known how easy it was to use and I might have tried being a bit more creative with it. I still think I might emboss it with circles or something.
I like the purple contrast although it does look a little harsh at the moment. 
 Once all the vines and flowers have been added the colour should not stand out quite so dramatically. Here is the front nearly all finished. I have also papered the inside to match the interior walls. Lots of tidying up and edging to do but it is getting there. I took Julie's tip Diary of an Edwardian Dolls House and marl stoned all around the front shop windows and door to provide continuity.
And this is the first floor, yes grey but it is different to the other photos. Same 'brick' stair divider but a 'wooden' floor which I scored, distressed and stained with the Cuprinol silver birch stain. I am really pleased with this colour. Oh I washed the balsa with dark grey first to highlight the scoring and distressing.
Today I have been playing with Fimo. making tiles for the interior windows and 'stone' adornments for the walls. I can't show you these because when I cooked them in the oven, I put the grill on by mistake! Lots of smoke as you can imagine and a whole afternoon's work literally up in smoke!
Still, some good news, Margaret of Petit Parterre, asked if I would join Ira's garden swap with her. On Saturday my lovely parcel sorting man found a very well travelled parcel containing these lovely topiarires and jugs. 
They will fit perfectly in to my florist and arrived none the worse for being better travelled than me! Thank you very much Margaret.
Hope you all enjoy the first quiet cuppa for weeks as all our children return to school here in the UK. Bliss!


  1. I love topiary! Thats a lot of work Janice but your getting through it beautifully! I can see it now with all the plants and climbers, that always makes such a difference. Kate xxx

  2. Thanks Kate. I feel like I have hit 'the wall' at the moment! You forget how long it takes to build the big kits! Thank goodness I have chosen much smaller kits for Diagon Alley.
    I bet your house seems peaceful today!

  3. It never fails to amaze me how kits can be altered and you'd not guess straight away they are the same kits! I love the change in windows... especially the middle one. The rolled lead is so odd to handle...but oh so easy to cut and use, even if it is a little delicate. Your hard work shows! ;o)

    Great swap too! :o))

    I've changed my mind again for my Nanny McPhee house! I've decided that having a back opening dollshouse is too awkward to get to even with a turntable, so I'm buying a favourite (of mine) Sid Cooke house and making a few changes to it. I too want to work on a smaller house as Hogwarts is rather large and having small rooms would make a change. I won't get that chance if I get my Nanny McPhee house next! lol

    Look forward to seeing the progress of your shop.
    Michelle xxx

  4. Me again!

    Where did you buy the two outer bay windows from (I've seen the middle one - Houseworks item).

    Michelle xx

  5. Hi Michelle. All the windows are the same. The two outer ones are upside down with the roof removed. I had to do this to make them fit but they look ok. Top was very easy to remove with a craft knife.

    I got them from
    They seemed a bit pricey at the time but they fit really well.
    They may be cheaper in the US?

    I like large rooms to fill up but it's a long haul if you want to play around with it all, If only the textured papers were better!

  6. Janice! How inventive and a great idea! They look so good. :o)

    That's where I'd seen the windows on Minimum World, agreed not cheap and yes cheaper in the US. Here's a link just incase you fancy some more!

    Michelle xx

  7. Cualquiera que haya construido una casa sabe que los pasos son lentos. Tú estas trabajando mucho y bien y eso se ve en las fotos que nos enseñas.
    Espero con paciencia el siguiente paso que hagas.
    Besos Clara


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