Friday, 31 July 2015

Numbers One, Two and Five......Tick!! All I Need is a Rainy Weekend.

No don't hate me, I don't mean a rainy weekend for everyone just for me. One teeny rain cloud above my workshop so I don't have to fulfil my promise to work in the garden this weekend. I really want to work on my List. Obsession is such a terrible thing.
I have dressed the side window with my candy tower and lollipop stacks. To be honest I am so pleased with how this has turned out. You know how sometimes you see something in your head and then when you try and replicate that idea it turns out kind of Blah? This window has come out even better than I hoped.....somehow the idea seems to have worked.
To finish of number One on The List the top shelf is also dressed.
 It even looks pretty good from the outside too. Ah, happy miniature days.
 Number Two has also been completed thanks to the very prompt delivery of the last four jars by Dolls House Direct on Ebay.
 Every day in every way the shop is getting fuller and fuller!!
 I am so glad I found this staircase on Etsy by Scalecreations1 it is exactly the right piece for this project.
 The bottom piece is a perfect lollipop shelf.
The counter is a copy of the film version counter made by Rob Lucas of World of My Own Miniatures. I love Rob's work it is beautifully made and scaled plus he is always up for a challenge.
I am going to have trays of magical HP sweets in the counter to add further links to Honeydukes. I hope I have made enough to fill them I really have had enough of Fimo for the moment!
So, weather permitting I will be starting the counter tomorrow.
Wishing you all much sunshine this weekend with a teeny tiny rain cloud for me! 


  1. Ya puedes estar orgullosa de como va quedando. Me encanta ese ventanal con todos los dulces y la escalera es una pasada. Espero que se te de bien el fin de semana .

  2. Again, your candy display is Breathtaking and situated in the shop window they really Do come into their own. I LOVE the over-all look that you've achieved. The pink cotton candy staircase is such a novel idea for all of us sugar addicts who will bee-line into HoneyDukes for a fix. I honestly wouldn't have the patience to make all of those assorted sweets but en-masse they are Most Impressive! Well Done!!! Janice :D


    1. They have been a bit of a chore but now they are done I am glad I gave it a go. The staircase is gorgeous although I was terrified of spraying it bright pink but it was perfect!

  3. I love the photo of the light coming in from the window, highlighting the lovley colours of the sweets. It all looks amazing =0)

  4. Hello Janice,
    When's the grand opening! I'll be one of the first in line. It all looks so perfect and very beautiful. The displays are amazing. Great work!
    Big hug,


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