Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Half of Number One and Number 2 completed on my Honeydukes Countdown List!!

Working through the List today and have dressed the pink spiral staircase with jars of sweets and a selection of lollipops.
 The lollipops are in really cheap jars and I have filled them with Poundland caviar beads.
 I have used the cheapest of my glass lidded jars for the staircase as they won't be fully seen. They are definitely not as nice as all the others on the shelves but there are thirty jars on this staircase alone and I simply can't justify pouring anymore money into this project.
 Of course as is the way of things I am four jars short! Luckily I found four on Ebay last night so I will add these when they arrive early next week.
 The orange side window shelf has also been dressed.
 I am playing with ideas for the side window and I am thinking of trying to build a pouring sweet jar tower using a rather drastic measuring mistake I made with this glass jar! I have layered lots of sweets and will gradually try to build up and over flowing top. 
Around this sweet tower I have put a circle of large glass bowls that I will fill with sweets and lollipops. This is a tall window and I am a bit worried that this display might not fill the window enough. Maybe I could add a shelf for more lollipops to fill the top of the window. I will make a few of the bowls up tomorrow and see how it looks.
Another rainy evening here but I was very cosy in the workshop playing with my toys. Happy days!


  1. Looking Amazing, So impressed!


  2. Hello Janice,
    that staircase is a showstopper! It looks wonderful with the jars on it. Everything looks so well made and beautiful. Bravo! Keep at're almost there!
    Big hug,

    1. Well Giac I can't take credit for very much other than the sweets and lollipops. But I have at least shopped well!

  3. Love what you are doing for this project!! For the tall pouring display maybe you could make it even taller with the filling bowls spiraling up (or spiraling tubes to them?), or a sort of Mobius strip where the bowls empty out again as they come down after filling (into bags??), or something along those lines. But I assume it doesn't have to really move?

    1. Oh my wouldn't that look grand Anita. If only I had those skills but I think it has turned out quite well in the end.

  4. I just died and went to heaven when I saw your pink staircase.. it's just gorgeous! I am loving this shop and can't wait to see more!
    All the best

    1. Thanks Vivian, I love the staircase too. I am so determined to finish this project. My poor husband thinks I have moved out.

  5. Replies
    1. Filling the gaps now! It is starting to look exactly how I imagined.


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