Thursday, 28 March 2013

Off with the Old and on With Slug and Jiggers......

Onwards and upwards with my Diagon Alley projects. I have returned to the apothecary which was going to be Mr Mulpepper's but I have changed my mind. I decided that Slug & Jiggers was the apothecary most linked to all things Potter so the sign writing is done.
It has been a long time since I took this kit off the shelf having done most of the decoration.
The sign writing has been done with stick on lettering and I have to say I am really pleased with the look. I will make it less likely to peel off by giving it a coat of ModgePodge.
I did most of it free hand as I wanted it too look slightly off kilter although I did pencil line the sign to make sure I could fit in both lines of text.
The interior still has all the mouldings and lighting to add but I have been playing around with the shelving.
 The flooring needs to be aged a bit more too I think to make it a little less tan in colour. This is the arrangement I had originally decided upon.
Then I knew my wonderful door needs to be given a little more pride of place so I moved the counter. This way I can have shoppers browsing the shelves and my Apothecary working behind his counter.
Of course you want to see the door. How fabulous is this little man. Created by Jain Squires of The Giddy Kipper isn't he just perfect! I gave Jain the finished door and asked her for a peeking character and she came up with this. I would love one of these in all my projects now, he really brings a boring false door to life.
All my progeny home this weekend which means lots of cooking, washing and tidying so I may have to lay aside my toys for a couple of days. Still they're worth it.
Have a happy Easter time everyone.


  1. Perfect! What fun you are going to have filling Slug & Jiggers :) The lettering looks painted on.


  2. Wow Janice you move so quickly! Slug and jiggers is looking great. The signage is wonderful!
    The inside looks brilliant, i love that it's dark and aged.. Really quite atmospheric even with nothing in it!!
    What a character! Jains done an amazing job there.. So wonderful!! Is the wall painted black behind him or have you added a small room? It's so ingenious! I love the idea of it and it takes the box-iness of the rooms away and gives them dimension!
    I like where the counter is.. Id suspect the more dangerous potions would be behind the counter out of reach of the everyday customer :D

    Love it so much Janice as always! X

  3. I am glad you are showing off the show because it is gorgeous! yes, there is nothing like a little man or woman in a space to make it more interesting. I have said this many times and I will do it again, love your dolls and love your little man!

  4. It looks fabulous and I love the peeking character.

  5. The little man is wonderful! With hardly anything in the room, he already brings the scene to life.
    I love the front of the shop and all of the aging you have done to the project.

  6. Looks beautiful - love your finishes. Can't believe most of the lettering is freehand

  7. Love exterior! Beautiful building!

  8. Wow! Great job!! Well done.

  9. Se ve una fachada perfecta!!! el cartel está precioso y muy adecuado,el interior se irá llenando enseguida de tus bellas creaciones.Que ganas tengo de verlo!!!!

  10. I love the man peeking out from the door. The lettering looks great. I like the fact the the letters are slightly raised. Good Idea to give them a coat of Modge-Podge.

  11. The lettering looks wonderful! :D Looking forward to seeing the place stocked and ready for business!

  12. Perfect! I like the little man.
    Greetings, Faby

  13. looks great - good photos too!

  14. It's an interesting property and has loads of display space too. What a great idea to have the little character peeking round the door, he's perfect!

  15. Looks great. I can't wait to see it filled with things.


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