Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Trip to the Spring Miniatura and My Cardboard Model of Honeydukes....

Urged on by Nikki Rowe I braved the awful weather of this weekend to attend the Spring Miniatura in Birmingham. In reality the roads were clear and I actually did the drive in less time than usual as there was very little traffic on the motorways. I also took my daughter with me just in case I had to spend the night in the car or dig the car out of any passing snow drift!!
 I was very glad I didn't chicken out when I saw this cheeky young thing.
 My first character for Honeydukes by Jain Squires of The Giddy Kipper....
 I just love the sparkly stockings and pink slippers. She looks like a real bundle of naughty fun and I can see her settled on the pink spiral staircase surrounded by sweeties.
 I also found this very fine glitter dust that seemed perfect for sherbert or sprinkling.
 Julie Campbell's pumpkin is already tucked into a Hogwarts trunk. This went straight into the scene with no time to waste.
 While looking at the baskets of C & D Crafts my daughter, who had been told of my lollipop stick trauma, noticed these little bags of weaving supplies. The longer, thicker pieces look perfect for tall twizzler lollies once I straighten them, while the little sticks were a real find.
Of course I had to buy a couple of baskets for my 'Born to Shop' witches.
 Tony Malin of Smallsorts makes a whole variety of miniatures and custom houses where I spotted these little bags of 'rock candy'. Tony also had the most gorgeous little houses carved out of trunks of wood. I think all three of these had sold out within an hour and a half of the show opening but I know they are taking commissions. 
 I could not resist this trio of owls especially the very studious one!!
Plus they had just the hat I had been looking for to sit on the head of one of my dolls.
I had a lovely day apart meeting up with lots of very talented artisans plus a lively chat with Nikki who was busy looking for items for her very own miniature project!!
There did seem to be quite a few sellers missing from the show maybe due to the weather and the absence of overseas sellers was very noticeable. I hope it proved a profitable weekend for all those artisans who did attend.
 So this is the cardboard model I have made to see if my plans for Honeydukes will actually work. I hope putting the real pieces together will take slightly less time!! The two fron windows will be very tall and have bay fronts.
 I am intending to make the two front and one side windows out of cardboard postal tubes. Debbie Wright of Tiny Treasures used Twiglet tubes for her project but I think mine might need to be a but sturdier as the shop will have to withstand more moving around.
 The general idea being to use the whole tube cut into sections providing shelving within the shop as can be seen in the Warner Bros. store. Plus this seems quite an easy way to do it. Then I will cut out larger wooden/foam board circles to separate the different parts of the windows. 
I think I have worked out all the measurements now and have decided on 6mm MDF. I have also decided to make it in two parts like the Sid Cooke kits, with an upper and lower section.
This is going to be quite a large shop and two pieces might be easier to work with and yes that means I can put off the roof for a little while longer!!
So now I have to see if my local Homebase will cut the larger of the pieces for me as I am not sure my power tool skills will be up to the straight lines required!!


  1. The doll is absolutely fabulous - so full of character. You will have to give her a grand name to match her personality.

  2. I Love the doll, you would have not been able to sleep had you left her. Great idea making a cardboard mockup of Honeydukes and making without a kit, I can't wait to see this come together.


  3. Oh my goodness.. she is PERFECTLY delicious!
    What a find!

    I'm looking forward seeing your Honeydukes shop come to life..

  4. Great purchases Janice, I'm looking forward to seeing your next project and the way you will use them.

  5. Hi Janice!
    Wonderful buys as always, I remember main showing me that lady at York in her car and I thought she was a great character :) will look brilliant on the staircase! No sure if she'd be welcoming to children or they'd run away from her.. Haha, I think she's had too much sugar! :)

    The baskets are lively, can never have enough luggage and bags and baskets for diagon alley! :) love the pumpkin marionette by Julie too :)

    Honeydukes is looking great! I bet you can wait to get started properly building it can you? Cannot wait to see what you do with it!! :D

  6. Hello Janice,
    I am happy you made it to the show and found such incredible treasures. That doll is wonderful! I actually found assembling mdf or wood easier then cardboard mock up because the pieces are more solid. Do not worry. With your skills it will go smoothly.
    Big hug,

  7. Janice, I actually used Twiglet tubes. If you need any help, just email. I have a full album on Facebook of the construction as

  8. The doll is fantastic and so expressive.
    Greetings, Faby

  9. A great haul from Miniatura and Honeydukes is looking good, even although it's still in prototype form. I like your idea of the bay windows.


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