Friday, 17 December 2010

Wrapping vs Packing.......

We all know Christmas is coming. Blogs are all full of the most wonderful decorations, colourful scenes and yummy food. 
We are all busy preparing our houses, making lists and wrapping presents. There are not enough hours in the day and the weather is threatening to upset all our plans.
So, would someone please do me a huge favour and tell my husband!!!!
He is making a list - of all the food he wants to try in Malaysia.
He is doing his shopping - insect repellant socks vs gaiters
He is making plans - white water rafting. "Extreme dear? Or beginners?"


  1. I can give you advice? Write a letter to Santa Claus, your husband can move by itself .... and leave you at home, in peace and quiet! ah ah!
    I joke, of course!
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Just like a man hee hee. Sounds like he is super excited about the trip.

    Victoria ♥

  3. Whoa! White water rafting? Spectating is the best way to enjoy it! ;)
    Socks in the tropics? Hot!!

    Happy Christmas, Janice!! :)

  4. LOL I share your concerns! I think he's not so different from other men. ;o)) As much as we love them just don't see eye to eye on some things! ;o)

    The snow is back here and is forecast to snow all day here...we are hoping the airport will re open and hoping even that at least some gritting has been done on the roads, because my Nephew needs to fly home!

    I hope everything works out fine and dandy and I am sure you will enjoy your least it will be warm! :o)))

    Michelle xx

  5. EEK!!! I think Id have to feign illness so I couldnt go last minuite he he!!!Your braver than me! Your so organised Janice Im sure youll manage everything perfectly all by yourself anyway without hubby! Have a wonderful Christmas Kate xxx

  6. Janice, you're so funny - definately "extreme" on the white water rafting LOL

    I must say I'm with hubby on this one, I'd be cancelling Christmas and packing and planning until the cows come home!! Christmas rolls around every year, a trip like this once in a lifetime. I hope you have a fabulous time - and you must be excited to be leaving the awful UK weather behind you!

  7. You are all right in your own ways of course ladies.
    I am all organised, well mostly, and like most less than better halves his input is minimum at best!
    We have had a huge deluge of snow today so he is now worried about the flights from Stansted.......while I worry about my hair appointment and getting presents to everyone. Hey ho a travelling we will go!


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