Saturday, 18 December 2010

I may be snowing outside but inside

We won't be going to The Emirates today to watch Arsenal. My seat is the fifth one back and deep in snow. The next time I watch a game will be in Stansted Airport on my ipad! To me that technology is almost as daunting as understanding how a jumbo jet defies the laws of gravity! No I really don't want to think about that.......
I guess......
 I won't be lounging in the garden any time soon! The snow soon swept across from the Emirates to hit us in Hertfordshire. It seemed to come down so quickly, about four inches in an hour.
 Lovely snowy pictures from my bedroom window of the house across the way. Actually I do lust after this lovely Victorian cottage and it looks even nicer in a snowy setting.
 My street to the left all looking gorgeous and wintery. Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch a photo of the hoards of the elderly who seem to insist on going out in the most awful weather - "....must get the paper, milk, bread dear" !!!! I watch them pass and think, WHY!!
The garden may be a winter wonderland but inside my fabulous wonderland flowers from Tara are thriving.
I saw Tara's wonderful flowers in her Etsy shop and asked if she would make me a mixture of plants both potted and unpotted. This is a talking Peace Rose complete with the most fluttering of eyelashes.
 This cute little dolly is based on the Zephirine Droubin rose looking as if she is just waking up. 
 I think this little cutie is my favourite of the three. He is based on a green ice rose and is so sweet and chic. Tara also has a great blog which is well worth a visit as she is a lovely generous lady who like lots of us is managing kids, pets, partners and minis!!
We are supposed to be attending a grand Christmas party tonight. Marquee, bling and all. Was looking forward to dusting off my gladrags and polishing my dancing shoes but the weather has meant we will have to cancel.
It's not too far away at all but I am too much of an old cowardy, cowardy custard these days. I really don't want to find myself stranded on a country road, rather the worse for wear and in me best frock.
The hostess is a little cross and assures me that she has booked a whole load of cabs to get us home might book them but they might not turn up!
What to do? Stay in and turn the heating up methinks!


  1. Your snowy landscape looks lovely, but I am with you... no venturing out.. stay in and make minis :) Great little flowers too :)
    Julia xxx

  2. The snowy photo's are wonderful! :o))) Too bad that you had to miss your footie match, but London and the Home Counties had a very severe weather warning so you were wise to stay home.

    I'd be the same about going out at night to the party too, it's not worth it especially as most of the roads don't get gritted! You are guarantee that the taxi's will turn up! I do feel sorry for the hostess as I suspect you're not the only ones to cancel due to the weather.

    The flowers are absolutely fabulous!!! What a find. I don't have a Alice project, but I can see why others have one! :o))

    Keep warm with a mug of cocoa too! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Hi ladies, am in my pj's and intend to stay that way!

    I don't have an Alice project either Michelle but I thought they would look great in my "Roots and Shoots" shop in Diagon Alley as a contrast to Jayne's more scary plants. They looked so much fun I could not resist!

  4. What a contrast from snow to Asia!! Yikes!

  5. Your photos with snow are beautiful, it's like a Christmas story.

  6. Think you had the right idea, about staying home in the warm. Love your little flowers.
    Hope you manage to get away on your trip. I'm fed up to the back teeth with the white stuff now..x


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