Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fabulous Ebay Purchase......and a trip to the Kensington Show.

Isn't he just marvellous. I saw him on and put a bid in thinking I was very unlikely to win but I did for an amazing price along with a set of baubles with the most expressive faces which I may add or not. 
The seller was wetpaintco, I have bid on a number of her items before but they have always gone for much more than I wanted to pay which is why I was so surprised to have managed to get two of her items. It is beautifully crafted as you can see and arrived safe and sound all the way from the US.
These are the six baubles. All with different expressions of Christmas humbug!
This lovely seller also included an extra gift.
A very evil looking pumpkin! So scary he will have to go in my Apothecary. When Ebay works it is still a wonderful thing. 
On a different note: as I was travelling to London anyway on Saturday, to watch my favourite football team, I decided to go up earlier and make a whistle stop tour of the Kensington Show.
The main reason I had decided against it was the crowds the last couple of years. There were so many people last year it really wasn't enjoyable but I really wanted to see the work of Michael Mortimer and the only shows I know he goes to are Kensington. Plus I knew Jain of The Giddy Kipper was also attending and I have wanted to add one of her characters to my collection for quite a while so I decided to brave the crowds.
I downloaded a floor plan and marked off all the sellers I really wanted to visit and the idea was to be really organised, not get sidetracked and buy a couple of must have pieces and one treat. No wandering about as I had limited time and a pre-Christmas budget!
Well there was a queue outside at 10.15am but the crowds simply did not arrive. For me it was perfect. I could spend my time really looking at the things I had gone to look for, I did not get into a buy, buy, buy frenzy as I am quite prone to do and I could have a chat with some of the wonderful artists who attend the show.
But for these artists there must have been  huge disappointment as so many of them had braved horrendous weather and awful journeys to attend. I am hoping that although the crowds weren't large there were lots of people like me who were not there to browse alone.
.......and my team won!


  1. I love trees and your is awesome!!!

  2. Your tree is fantastic and I love the decorations too! The evil pumpkin IS perfect! :o)) I know this Ebay seller and sell/create truly fabulous work...I've not bought anything yet, but I often to forget to look! lol

    I wasn't expecting KDF to be busy, the weather was simply too dangerous for peeps to risk the long journey there and back. It would have been THE best time to go to miss the crowds and have the pick of the bunch!

    I can't wait to see what you bought back. The link to Mike's work, the shop doesn't state whether you can order his work, though they list prices? I know Mike doesn't have a website, but he does sell to 3rd parties.

    Michelle xx

  3. I'm so glad it was a perfect day for you. After reading a few blogs about the weather and the KDF I wondered if the seller numbers would be significantly down as well, so I guess the sellers who were there knew that buyer numbers would be lower and took the chance.
    Great tree and I love the decorations!

  4. Hi Janice,
    Mary Williams and myself attended in the afternoon and it was great to be able to walk around and chat to everyone but yep I am sure it was not so good for some of the wonderful Artisans there.

  5. I love your new tree! I have bid on her things too and no luck. The pumpkin is outstanding, so evil looking hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  6. That's a fab purchase you made - very detailed! It's very unfortunate for the sellers at these fairs when the weather's against them but, like you, I do enjoy the opportunity of a leisurely look without crowds. You see sooooo much more!

  7. Wonderful tree and pumpkin, I don't know that seller...missed that one! I will keep an eye out in the future :) Can't wait to see what you bought at KDF. We couldn't go, but I have just bought myself something wonderful that you may have seen on Julie's Table :)
    Glad your team won too :)
    Julia xxx

  8. Love the tree and the ornaments Janice, you certainly got a bargain there. Glad you managed to get to KDF. I looking forward to seeing what you brought back. I know a couple of the sellers couldn't get there and I expected the visitor numbers to be down, but for those that did attend, sounds like they had a good

  9. He he , how funny, you have such good taste, I was supposed to bid on this and the baubles Janice! I have one of Coleens Christmas trees already but no baubles for it so I was humming and harring to bid on both and have the 2nd tree for another house, but i knew if I bid Id have to bid high to win it as she has so many collectors now that go to really high prices! So I resisted reluctantly! When i checked in the next day and saw they went for a song I was so annoyed with myself for not bidding( I paid a small fortune for my tree by the way!! ) But I now see he went to the best of homes so feel happier! Ill have to hope she makes more baubles next year!
    Oooh what did you buy at KDF? It was too snowy here I was so relieved I hadnt preordered a ticket with Lola as i wouldnt have been able to go and wasted money . But I bet it was great for the buyer being quieter! I so wanted to see Julie and Jaines dolls and Lindas minis too! Maybe next year. Cant wait to see what you got, any new dolls? Love to you, hope you are keeping as cheerful as you can, Kate xxx

  10. That tree is just fabulous! And the baubles too, just wonderful. Congratulations on winning them . :)

  11. Hi ladies, I was definitely very lucky with this Ebay purchase I am beginning to think mine was the only computer working that week!

    Will show my Kensington goodies later in the week.

  12. Love your tree to bits janice, how fab !
    it was lovely to see you at kdf . I had a lovely time and it was well worth the effort of getting there as those customers who did make it seemed to be good spenders !
    julie xx


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