Monday, 8 February 2016

Faffing Around With the Hatter's Table.....

These last couple of days I have been playing around with the tea table. I have stuck two tables together and after removing the middle legs it has been possible to fit three chairs along two sides.
I am using vintage handkerchiefs for the tablecloths that I purchased off Ebay for 99p.
Vintage hankies are great for linens in dolls houses because the materials used are quite fine, especially the older ones, and they usually have some embroidery or lace.
I have used hankies before on beds and they work really well. Plus they are so cheap and come in all colours.
 No Victorian tea table would be perfect without something lacy so I have added two beautiful table runners by an Etsy seller from Canada who I recently came across after recommendations by a very talented miniaturist, Lyn Jowers.
I contacted Frieda after looking in her Etsy shop, Black Leopard Dollshouse Creation, to see if she would make me a few pieces in the size and colours I wanted. 
There are quite a few crochet artisans so it was nice to be able to deal with someone I knew had made items for a quality artisan.
Freida, who lives in Canada, was so helpful and friendly readily agreeing to both sizes and colours.
 These are the beautiful table runners Frieda made in an antique white,
 I also ordered three throws for other projects in white, lemon and
 a pale grey. I am so pleased with them, they are so fine and delicate. Freida went out of her way to get the right colours despite Canadian winter weather and a house move!! 
I looked at the sold items in her Etsy shop and then chose the items I wanted in the colours and sizes I wanted which meant I got exactly what I wanted.
The post between us was amazing too, each parcel took three days to arrive! My UK post takes longer at Christmas time.
After messing around with the handkerchiefs and cutting two to size as I can't decide which one to use yet I have a play with some water based wood dyes I bought off Amazon. They are all in a tester set by Littlefair, perfect sizes for miniaturists and really good value. The pots aren't huge, they sell them individually on Ebay, but it does mean you can have a play with the colours and choose before investing in a larger pot. 
I have stained some lollysticks for reference in both single and double coats and you can see the nice variety of colours.
 I used six different stains on the chairs for the tea table. These chairs are from a variety of sellers: Jane Harrop, Julie Warren and Rob Lucas and once fully stained I will paint and distress them.
Once I have done with the chairs I am putting Alice aside until I go to the Summer shows and finally make a decision regarding the china.
Thank you to everyone who offered advice about my mini dilemma.
I really think I might go the de-cal route, at the moment I am veering towards the sets from True2Scale. After all the main pieces on the table will be all the gorgeous food.
Anyway I have had enough of thinking about it now and ready to move on to my next project something I have been planning for over a year now.
Can't wait to get started, it been a long time since I tackled a kit!!


  1. Those crochet pieces are beautiful Janice!

    1. They really are Lidi. Some of the ones I have seen are just a bit too clumpy for miniatures but these are really delicate.

  2. Hi Janice, I think that your table turned out really well and the lace runners really do give it the Victorian touch.
    I tried the link to Black Leopard Creations an realized that this is probably the same lady that was at the 2015 West Coast Miniature Show. She does some Really Beautiful crochet work and I purchased several of her adorable little crocheted pot holders from table at the show. However, I didn't realize that she has an Etsy shop, so THANK YOU for the re-connect! :D


    1. You are welcome Elizabeth. We need to share our resources to make sure these wonderful artisans keep on producing the perfect little treasures we just love to buy!!

  3. great chairs - I like your tool shed caddies too!

  4. Muy bonitos los encajes de ganchillo,funcionan muy bien en la mesa!!! Las sillas teñidas se ven preciosas!!

  5. La mesa te ha quedado preciosa.Muy bonitos los trabajos de ganchillo.
    Has creado una gran gama de muestras. Es importante ver todas las posibilidades.

  6. Thanks for the links to the runners and varnish. I had no idea you could get small samples. I also think the True2Scale china will be a good move, their designs are really nice.

    1. I think so too Irene. I will use the decals to decorate the teapots too I think. It seems the best way to do it. Plus it will be so much cheaper.


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