Saturday, 7 March 2015

Honeydukes Building Continues....I Think I Have Hit the Wall!

Or at least I would really like to at the moment as I am definitely having a crisis of confidence with the exterior of Honeydukes at the moment. I don't like the match up of these bricks against the coarse stone of the bottom section. I have tried paint washing them but they came out too dark. I am now in the process of scrubbing and sanding them in order to lighten them up again. Hmmmm, then I have to decide what to do, keep them or take them all off. That will be a horrible job so I really want to avoid that if I can. 
I still haven't decided on the roof tiles either. I have slate, which I love but it is quite dark, and grey composite tiles by Minaco. Once I have scrubbed back the walls I will have to make a decision. I had wanted all my Hogsmeade shops to have a similar grey look but I am dithering now. Oh well, more scrubbing tomorrow....
 I am getting somewhere with the dormer windows now though. All the frames are painted and varnished, various shapes and sizes which has meant lots of different wood and gable shapes.
The sheer building mechanics has been a bit beyond my skills to be honest and they will require a fair bit of tweaking and bodging once they go onto the steeped pitch roof but I think the worst is behind me. Famous last words!
 The dormer pieces still have to be aged and sealed but I can see how they will fit together now. The tall, thin chimney stacks have also been put together ready for their bricks. So much wood has meant a lot of sealing in a desperate attempt to prevent warping once I start piling on the brick work. 
 I'm not sure what these parts are, gable ends? They are not perfectly cut but I can get away with slight deviations as wizards are well known bodgers! 
I can't begin assembling the windows on the roof until I have sorted out the exterior side walls. This has to be top of my list tomorrow then next week I can fit the front roof panel which has also been a right royal pain in the backside.
I designed this building and had my own plans cut out rather than try a kit bash. I have certainly made a lot of mistakes with my measurements, especially with the roof mechanics and size. Not sure I would go this route again. 
I am going to get this exterior done one way or the other next week or have a break from it altogether and have go back to the happy task of lollipop making.
Have a sunny Sunday!


  1. Dear Janice,
    What a great job. I need my husband for that kind of work. It looks great so far.
    Greetings Dorien

  2. Tiene muy buen aspecto!!!!

  3. Espero que disfrutes mucho del montaje. Es emocionante ver como va creciendo.

  4. Hello Janice,

    Hang in there. You are doubting a lot of your work, but I can tell you it looks terrific in the pictures. I think your project is unique and wonderful!
    Big hug,

  5. I hear your pain with roof pieces - angles can be a killer! Keep going though. I am sure eventually it will click with the colour and finish of the brick. Things can look so different in real life than they did in your mind!


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