Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Second Visit to the Tudor Witch House.....the Interior

Still painting and sawing today so here are some pictures of the interior of the Tudor Witch House. This house certainly needed a lot of items to fill it and it has changed slightly since these photographs were taken as I have found items to take the place of pieces I was not happy with.
 The living room has everything for comfortable witchy living including a host of scatter cushions by Julia Jeffreys of Bear Cabin Miniatures.
You will see as the tour continues that my colour scheme for this house is black and gold crackle. The fireplace looks very stately and is full of items from lots of talented artisans including the much missed Jacqueline Dunn.
 The study was not quite finished when this photograph but it is a room full of all the books a potion witch needs so as not to poison her customers! The real star of this room in the book stand by Karin Casper.
 The choice of colours for this house began with this bed that I found on Ebay many moons ago now. When I saw it I knew what I wanted for the main rooms and spent a whole summer spraying everything in sight!
The bathroom has been crackled within an inch of its life! I also discovered what could be made from a selection of beads taken from half price necklaces and charity bought finds. 
 I spent a lot of time with the adapted windows both on the outside and inside so of course they became small showcases within each room. This window is in the Living room and has a wonderful hat by Kat the Hat Lady and a selection of Sally Meekins gorgeous hand painted ceramics.
 The bedroom window also has a hat for very special occasions by Kat and in this photo is still to be finished off. This is definitely a more is best project, no minimalism here, actually most of my houses seem to end up rather full although I am learning that some times less is more.
 The study window has an orrery from Kastle Kelm Miniatures  and some of Lory's cute toadstools a house plant every witch should know how to grow.
 The kitchen has a more rustic look that the rest of the house and as you can see she is not keeping up with her washing up. For some reason I don't seem to have a photograph of the kitchen as a whole only individual pieces but I hope they give you an idea of the whole look.
 The pantry dresser if full of enticing jars of preserves that are a mixture of bought ones, from Kastle Klem, and some I made myself. This was the first project I made up my own jars both in the kitchen and bathroom. They are fun to do and really add colour to any shelf. Nikki Rowe's pumpkin flasks are ready to be used in an instant.
The kitchen table is chock full of so many items I don't know how this witch manages to prepare any food but she certainly has everything she needs for a healthy meal. So what is the green gloop filling up the cauldron? 
I have been getting on with the dormer windows and roof of Honeydukes today. I seem to have spent a lot of time on the roof without getting anywhere. The piano hinges I ordered are great, just not for this roof, so I have had to have a real re-think which resulted in my stripping out some of the beams. Why oh why haven't I learned by now to put in the hinges before adding interior decoration.
One step forwards, three steps back at the moment and I can feel myself becoming a little obsessed with this roof.  


  1. Es muy bonita por dentro,con un montón de divertidos detalles!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the tour. So many fabulous miniatures in this house and I love the way you have put it all together.

  3. Hello Janice,
    Your structures are wonderful, however your talent for accessorizing and filling room is incredible.
    Big hug,


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