Thursday, 19 February 2015

What to do About the Honeydukes Attic? Goodies in the Post and Some Rock Candy......

I have been working on the beams today which mostly involves a lot of painting followed by a lot of drying time. Not very exciting but one of those jobs that have to be done. I have dirtied up the attic space above Honeydukes.
 This is about as grungy as I get. I might darken up some of the corners a bit more once the beams go in but I don't want it to be too dark and the finish is a bit darker than the photos.
 I have also given the top of the staircase a bit of a dirtying too, again it looks 'worse' in person, not quite as pink. I can't really decide what to do with this space. Originally I was going to make it into a sweet making area, then I thought I might just turn it into a storage area then today I thought it might be more interesting as a rest nook for the owners ad their staff. Maybe a little cosy seating area surrounded but towering, gravity defying, boxes and crates full of Honeydukes treats and sweets. Hmmm, I can think about this while I am tackling the roof and its dormer windows and chimneys.
The last piece for my "In The Pink" cake showcase arrived today from Petit D'Licious. I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I always think it shows that the seller really values their work and you as a customer when they put time and thought into your first impression of their work. This little cake arrived beautifully wrapped as you can see.
 The little sponge biscuits are so carefully made and it will look perfect in my shop box window. It is the last piece for the window shelves.......Yep, I have actually finished a project! Full photo tour tomorrow!!
 Oh, the green lid is off a small plastic box that I buy in packets of six from Poundland (six for a pound, my word!), and they are perfect for mixing up small amounts of paint and washes that you might want to keep handy for a few days, or for storing leftover fimo and probably a whole host of other crafty uses.
On the subject of Poundland......the last time I was there I bought a pack of something in the nail section that I thought might be good for rock candy sticks. I think it is pieces of coloured, crushed shell.
I still have enough left for maybe two more in each colour which is not bad for a pound. The colours aren't great and I think the sticks I used might be a bit too clumpy but........I think they will look fine standing in a jar and part of a whole grouping.
Off to buy a spirit level tomorrow, mine seems to have gone walkies in the move, ready to put in the beams I have been working on this week.


  1. It will be interesting to see what solution you decide upon for the attic space. I love the vibrancy of the colors that you have chosen for it both inside and out. The candy sticks look very much like rock candy and I believe that your idea of standing them together in a jar would not only be an effective way to use them but a cost effective way of filling the store with more candy!
    The lady finger cake that you ordered for your Pink Cake shop, is A SHOW STOPPER! This mini food artist does Amazing work, and this Beautiful Dessert will have all of your mini customers drooling! :))


    1. Still thinking Elizabeth. I might do the round of spring fairs and see if I am inspired. I am learning not just to rush in. I think a storage area is still the favourite just because it is managable.

  2. I love this attic. The cake looks fabulous.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Oh, I like the idea of a rest nook! A pot of tea and the latest Daily Prophet waiting to be read :)
    I am in the process of painting, sanding, painting, sanf´ding and glueing windowframes... ugh..

    1. Oh, I know how you feel Susanna I have been doing the beams, grinding work and soooo boring!
      Storage and a nook is at the top of my list at the moment.

  4. Estoy intrigada por saber cual de tus ideas sobre el ático triunfará. La tarta y los dulces se ven deliciosos


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