Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Why is it That Enough is Never Enough......Honeydukes and Its Glass Jars.

Dress rehearsal day today so I started by separating the sweets that are part of the Harry Potter books. I haven't made that many so far but eventually they will have a display unit of their own and will be the only labelled sweet jars.
 I have been collecting hand blown glass jars in a variety of shapes and sizes over the past two years for this project and was of the opinion I had far more than I needed. I have bought my glass from a variety of suppliers: Glasscraft MiniaturesMy Tiny World and Valerie Claire Miniatures, being my favourites.
 I intend to fill the shelves above the windows with a variety of sweets and a centre piece like this wonderful chocolate Easter bunny by Nikki Rowe.
This shelf has Nikki's ice cream cupcakes and will be joined by packaged sweetie specials. I bought these little display packages at the Dutch dolls house fair a couple of years ago and had forgotten how great they are. They look a bit over sized here but that's only the angle. Sadly I can't remember the seller but if anyone knows who it is I would love to know.
 I spent a lot of time today staring and thinking, staring and moving jars, staring and thinking. I have finally decided to fill the shelves above the shop displays in groups of different colours. 
 So.....these will be all pink....
 .......these will be chocolate, except they won't stay in this corner as I want to stack HP boxed sweets here, they will go on top of another unit.
 There is space next to the lemon sweets. As you can see there is a lot of empty shelving here. How can I not have enough jars by now, this shop seems to be the black hole of sweet jars.
The white unit is the base for the iconic Bertie Botts tubes display.
The staircase will be lined with various jars and the bottom circle will be home to lollipops and sweet tubes.
 I have decided on this as a final layout. The single unit will be full of candy canes of all colours, they might take me some time but they are something I can make myself!! I am also going to put them in either plastic tubes or the cheaper mass produced jars as I think as this is a side unit I can economise a bit here!! 
 Little candy jars will line the staircase, not a lot of Health and Safety rules in the world of wizards!
I have ordered some more jars today but I still don't think I will have enough so I have raided my potions collection and soaked a few jars to remove their contents so I can use them in Honeydukes.
I had hoped to give the attic another dirty was today but some how I completely ran out of time. To much staring and thinking and not enough doing methinks!
I have now emptied the shop.....again, in preparation for lots of construction work both inside and out over the next week, including the installation of the dreaded lights.
Glorious spring-like day was enjoyed by both me and the dogs, long may it last.


  1. ¡Qué maravillosa ideas! Eso va a quedar impresionante cuando esté lleno.

    1. So kind as usual Isabel. Thank you.

  2. Hi Janice! I know just what you mean about thinking you have enough and finding out it is but a drop in the proverbial, bucket. But what you do have is Mighty Fine and my mouth is watering just looking at all of the candy and sweets that you have grouped together. I love the idea of color blocking the containers, as well as lining the staircase with them. This is going to be A Big Sugar Overdose by the time it is all finished, but I am really looking forward to that Visual High! :D


    1. I can't believe how many jars I am still short Elizabeth. That was a shocker I have to admit. If it wasn't for the fact I have just completed a huge sort out I would be convinced that a whole package was still tucked away somewhere! I feel like I am making real progress now though.

  3. Que bonitos quedan todos los frascos en las estanterías!!!! Son muchos los que necesitas para llenarlos y gran variedad de dulces!!!

    1. Thank you Pilar for all your lovely comments.

  4. Your sweet assortment is pretty spectacular! Love the jars, a great variety too. I know from experience how long it takes to collect especially en masse like this, not forgetting the small fortune spent acquiring them all! Better to have too many than not enough!

    The basement is an odd mix of supply storage and sweet making, I based my upper rooms in Sugar Plum's on this. You only get a fleeting shot in the film, but it's just about enough to inspire ideas. ;o)

    1. I always start to feel a bit resentful when I have to keep spending on the same items over and over when there are so many things I want to buy!! I am so unsure about the attic at the moment that it makes sense to leave it for a while until I get inspiration.....I am almost moving towards a little rest room for staff, surrounded by boxes.

  5. impresionante me encanta
    un abrazo

  6. Everything fits together so well! The colors of the jars are the perfect size...Everything...Perfect!


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