Monday, 3 February 2014

Shopping at the City of London Dolls House Festival This Weekend........

I visited the City of London Dolls House Fair yesterday which is a new show and much smaller than its sister fair which is held in Kensington. There were a few more stands than last year and a couple of European sellers who I have not seen at UK fairs before which made it a worthwhile trip.
I was mostly intent on buying my lights from Small World Products and making my usual visit to the mecca of all things wood, Wood Supplies. This lovely enthusiastic couple carry a vast range of expertly sourced and cut wood supplies that are absolutely perfect for miniatures and dolls houses. I always stock up when I visit a fair and I knew they would be able to help me solve some of my Honeyduke window problems. 
I also bought a selection of glues from Jennifer's of Walsall another tireless dolls house supplier. Aleen's Tacky Glue has always been my glue of choice but is very expensive to buy locally and this time I decided to try two other glues in the range that I had not seen before. I used the Quick Dry Tacky Glue today to stick thin bass wood onto card and it was perfect for that job, no slipping and very quick drying time.
 I wanted a white flowered plant for my beach house and as a lover of cyclamen this little pot by Jan Southerton, The Flowerlady, was a perfect choice and I couldn't resist this super pot of lavender too.
 Angie Scarr was also at the fair and as I have not seen her work in the UK for a number of years I took the opportunity to stock up on a few of her famous canes that will be very useful for my Honeydukes project.
 Of course my sweet shop must have trays of mouthwatering chocolates and sweet treats and I was very pleased to see these little trays and tins on the Country Contrast stand. They will fill my counter perfectly. I was really tempted, again, by their wonderful range of enamelware, but resisted manfully.
 I couldn't resist this tiny Victorian theatre by Jacqueline Crosby Miniatures for my winter market  project on the toy stall.
 I had to visit one of my new favourite sellers, Jane Harrop, where I purchased these two dinky angels, again ready to be put away with my winter market project. Jane's 80 year old mother in law wrote a lovely little poem to go home with every angel. How lovely is that! 
 A very different item for me is this amazing tiny vintage doll by Victoria Heredia Guerbos. The detail is amazing and she is set to be part of of winter project. 
As predicted the Art of Mini stand was mobbed the whole time I was at the show and I am not surprised. Janny had a wide range of the most gorgeous pieces and I definitely intend to buy some of her furniture kits one day. As it was I just looked, sighed and walked away......see, I am learning!!
I was also severely tempted by an ice-cream cart on Cinen's stand but I was soooo good. 
I had a lovely time looking at lots of stands that while they didn't have items that fitted into any of my current projects were wonderful to look at and enjoy.
I hope that all the sellers had a successful day too because we want them to keep on making all their fabulous items.


  1. A very successful day considering you flew in and out :-)

    I used to shop at Jennifers all the while many, many years ago and actually went to look at it when I came here on holiday but there was now a huge Asda there. Turns out they are only down the road from me still but I've yet to go there.

    I've used both those glues in America but have only found the regular tacky here but I use that all the while. That and Mighty Glue are the best I've found.


  2. You have chosen some nice things! It's always so difficult to choose ;-) I love Aileen's quick dry. I only saw it once in a shop but they don't carry it anymore. I am interested in knowing what the Super Thick glue has to offer and which projects it would be best suited for.

  3. Hello Janice,
    You got some wonderful things at the show. The theater and the lavender are my personal favorites. Have fun with the glue.
    Big hug,

  4. You got some lovely items but I especially love that doll from Victoria Heredia Guerbos in her beautiful little costume.

  5. Awesome things i love your blog <3
    You make fantastic miniatures :)

  6. Beautiful purchases, especially the doll.
    Bye, Faby

  7. thanks for sharing your purchases with us, I've use Aleens tacky glue I think it's great.

  8. son unas cosas preciosas que las disfrute
    un abrazo

  9. You did very well. That's a decent haul you got. I do envy you seeing Art of Mini in RL. Now that's a seller I wouldn't be able to pass by!

  10. Thank you, I enjoyed your report of the fair and wish I had been there :)


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