Friday, 31 January 2014

A Better Day at Honeydukes......

Today I put the windows out of mind, and out of sight and turned to the cornicing of the main shop.
This edging will also support the upper floor so I really made an effort with my measuring to try and avoid any wonkiness.
 The cornice is a very distinctive decorative feature in the Universal shop so I wanted mine to have the same impact. I have used three different wooden strips - a cornice, a plain strip and a strip of skirting board.
 The corners are not perfect but I have never managed a clean join and considering three pieces are meeting in the corner I am pretty pleased. 
I have used simple gold outlines letters for the writing which I have covered with a coating of Modge Podge.
 I have completed three sides but left the bottom piece off the side with the window opening as I am not sure how I will finish of the top of that window now I have ordered some ready cut circles. 
The upper floor fits nicely and I am glad that I have lowered this ceiling. I have also been thinking about lighting today with the City of London Festival on Sunday. The seller I normally buy my lighting from will be there so I intend to look for a couple of statement lights.
You can see the lights here but I don't really like these very much.
I like this one by SWP. The only problem is I will need three I think to have any real effect on such a large ceiling and that is pricey.
This is SWP's version of the HP Universal light.
So a little undecided, hopefully I will be able to have a good look on Sunday and decide which if any will do. For the first time ever I am going to try routing the upper floor to hide the wires for a ceiling light which will enable me to have this type of fitment. It can't be that difficult, can it??!!
Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever the weather.


  1. Hi Janice, I had to go back to the previous post to see what you meant with "the window piece off the side". Complicated build but so far it is looking great. I think your corners look perfect and it really is starting to look like the real thing!
    Should you not succeed in your search for the perfect light, maybe this will help. I have not yet done business with them, but I like the tutorial for the dentist office lights and smaller firms usually have a really good "thinking cap" on and are more flexible. Looking forward to seeing more, especially your windows!

    1. Hi Veronique, thank you so much for taking the time to give me such a helpful link. I find dolls house lighting so difficult, I have been using LED's recently but I want some statement lighting for this project. Had a good day with the windows today!!

  2. How difficult can it be...hmmm , so many times I say that lol Hopefully it won't be.
    As for the cornice, I've never done any in miniature but even with real life ones I cut the best I can and then just use a little filler. Once sanded and painted you can't see it.
    I can't see the lights, that just links to their main page. Hopefully you find what you want tomorrow. x

    1. Hi Jayne, hmmm the link has obviously not worked. I am trying not getting to fixated on everything be absolutely perfect as there will be so many jars on the shelves I think I will get away with the odd mistake. The trouble is I can never stop picking at things!!

  3. Love love love the golden lettering you've added to the cornicing, Janice! Really works so well with the peel offs and makes it all that more real! The colours are working fantastically together now.. Looking forward to seeing more :D

    1. Love the peel off writing Michael. It works, it's simple and it's cheap!! The best of everything!!

  4. Hello Janice,
    The cornice is a wonderful architectural detail. Well done. I routed channels for the electrical wires of the manor and it was not difficult at all.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Giac. I really think it's about time I used my Dremmel for more than just drilling holes.


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