Monday, 7 October 2013

A Little Bit of Shabby Vintage Bookmaking......

Start of a new week and my new working plan. Today I decided to make some books for my shabby chic beach hut shop. So  I only put out the bits and pieces required for this task. No meandering, planning or distractions!!
 I have printed off some vintage book jackets from the Internet. I decided to also make a small batch for Flourish and Blotts at the same time as every little bit will help there!! Hmmmm, I know a teeny bit off task....
 I bought these jotter and memo books from the local Poundland shop, they have glued spines. The idea is that I use the glued spines, cut to size, as the inner pages of the books. I am hoping that this will save a bit of time in the whole process.
 I have read many book tutorials and try slightly different ones each time, this method is an amalgamation of many talented artisans. This method is great for pre-printed covers and works especially well with complete book jackets. I have printed these on good quality photo paper and the reproduction is very good. Once they have been cut out I cut a backing to size allowing some room at the top an bottom as this makes scoring the spine much easier.
The backing for the book jackets is card from a cereal box, perfect for this job. Then mark the spines top and bottom and score the lines with a very sharp knife.
 If you make a few at a time the glue from each one will dry as you work on the next. I allow them to dry for a as long as possible as trimming is much easier when they are fully dry. The scoring of the card, not the printed book cover, gives the finished cover a really good shape.
Now all the need to do is glue in the pages using my Poundland purchases and tidy them up.
I have lots of book tutorials on my Flourish and Blotts Pinterest page, as well as links to all sorts of book covers if anyone is looking for ideas and inspiration.
 I couldn't resist a little meandering while I had the scissors and glue out so I made a little trio of boxes that I have covered in vintage sheet music inspired by a real life trio I saw in a real life shop. 
 They still need tidying up a bit with a little light sanding and another coat of Modge Podge but I think they will look cute in my beach hut.
This has definitely been mine kind of day!!


  1. i love the books. They look great. The boxes are very pretty too. I would like to have those in 1: 1 scale. ;-)

  2. I know some peeps use old and incomplete paper backed books for the pages too...okay as long as you can't peek inside! lol

    My Mum is my mega book maker along with bought ones! She has a knack of churning them out and you and I know how many that are needed and then some more for a book shop let alone any other projects!

    Michelle xx

  3. Love seeing how you do the books they look fantastic.

  4. Hello Janice,
    Great work. the books look lovely and the boxes are a fantastic.
    big hug,

  5. That's an excellent way to make books --thanks!

  6. Hi Janice! Your books and book jackets are Terrific! They have a clean crisp finish and look just like books! I am going to try this method out because yours have turned out so well! Thank you!


  7. Love all of this Janice!
    The book covers are great and the quality of the print is fantastic on that paper!
    Such a good idea to use cheap note pads for pages too!
    Love those little hat boxes you've made as well, especially with the music print! They will look great in your little project! :)

  8. Your book making and boxes are great Janice :)

  9. As always love what you are doing. The musical boxes are fab. Oh and Janice I just LOVE your cat on the roof. It is so typical. No respect for your labours of love. Just a cosy place for a little nap. I have linked your site in my latest post and thank you again for your help in tiling! Mini hugs, Carol x


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