Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Even More Potions and Thank Yous.........

What a wonderful place Blogland is and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who left ideas, tips and advice for me following my last post. I will definitely be off to buy quilling paper, cornstarch, a sharp blade and beads.
Today I tinkered with my lids. I gave them a coat of black acrylic paint which definitely gave them more depth.
 As you can see they are still a little rough around the edges so I will give them another light sanding, then paint again and finish off with a coat of PVA. They are time consuming but I want to get them right to make Nikki proud!! 
 Allison left me a great tip recommending brass two prong paper holders which will be great for smaller jars and while I was looking for some in my local shop I saw drawing pins which also sit perfectly. 
 I have also been playing with the smaller jars today most of which I filled quite a while ago. They are 20mmx10mm and are quite a lot smaller than the others. For these I tried an idea I saw on A Fanciful Twist using Baking Parchment. I have this stuff in my kitchen drawer, not quite sure why, and it looks absolutely great for all types of witchy projects and has a great feel and texture. 
I cut out circles and glued one circle to the top of the jar. This single layer looked a bit thin to me so I ended up sticking three circles to each jar.
 I have kept them quite short and flat as these jars are small but on larger jars you could have a longer, fuller skirt. 
 Not one to leave things alone I then decided to top the paper with this netting just to add a little more texture and interest. 
 The netting I bought in small packs at a dolls house fair a few weeks ago from a lovely couple running Thimblemins. Perfect colours for my projects and in small packages. I have been looking for this type of netting for ages and have not been able to find anything suitable at the right sort of price.
Back to labels tomorrow and finishing off the netting tops. Getting there slowly but surely, then back to the upper bedroom of The Leaky Cauldron.


  1. Your jars are looking great Janice! I like the variety.

  2. Woo has trabajado mucho con el llenado de los frascos, ya te queda menos:)

  3. I like them all, Janice. Really look forward to having some time to experiment with my bottles after looking at what you have done with yours.


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