Monday, 4 March 2013

Big Thank You to Nikki Plus Even More Potions......

In my last post I showed a photograph of Snape's office that I took at the Studio tour with all the lines of black capped potion jars. I asked for help and Nikki Rowe came up trumps in her usual way, with a simple but perfect solution. Now Nikki is a superbly talented artisan with a hugely generous spirit and I am so grateful not only for her help but for the time she set aside to think about my lids.
I hope she won't die laughing at my clumsy efforts....I have tried Nikki, honest!!
 Nikki came up with the idea of using card and this was my first effort, except I used back paper, not sure why, and although it looked ok.....
 ......the two pieces did not quite connect! The paper was too thin to join and not sturdy enough but the look was perfect. 
 I decided to stick on the labels first as my cutting and gluing is a little bit suspect. As you can see the circle tops sit on top of the rim band. I will let them dry and then cut the edges and carefully sand off the rough edges. These labels are from Etsy seller Angie and they are perfectly made for miniature potion jars.
 Still a work in progress, don't laugh Nikki!!
 These "mob cap" potions are ready to be placed on their shelf. These are 30mmx30mm and are part of the Witch E.T. Grubb range of potions exclusive to Slug and Jiggers. 
 The purple is repeated in the ties and on the label, as purple is the signature colour of this renowned brand. 
 The mob caps are made with the cheapest dish cloths stained with tea and small piece of purple netting that just about peeps through.
 These jars just need the corks grunged up as little before stacking on the top shelf. These are quite tall at 35mmx20mm, a little large perhaps but I do want a variety of sizes and Snape's office did have small and huge.
More from Witch E.Grubb and ingredients from Harry Potter. The labels are computer made using Word's Table formatting. The fonts are size 6 and 8. I decided not to age or burn these labels to keep the clean and ordered look in the shop as I want the top floor to be in complete contrast.
Very sleek apothecary downstairs. Mad, crazy potion mixing upstairs.
Well that's the plan!


  1. Las pociones van quedando perfectas!!!!

  2. Nikki's a clever little Witch..
    Your Potion bottles look great..

  3. I like your jars. The lebels are wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  4. I've enjoyed watching your adventure with creating many and varied jars! Love the Witch E.T. Grubb logo, being australian I know what witchetty grubs are ;)


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