Monday, 16 July 2012

Making Miniature Books Part 3

I have been spending time trying to produce books that look like aged, distressed or interesting leather.
These are the ones I have made by layering wrinkled tissue on a piece of card, cutting the card to size and then folding over a piece of balsa.
 This method has led to mixed results. The balsa has had lines drawn at the edges and then stained with gold paint or wood stain. The books' covers from the cut card have a very clean edge, whereas the book at the top of this group has had the tissue folded over to soften the edges of the book.
 The clean edge is not a problem for the books that are going to be shelf fillers and they are much quicker to make but for the book piles I will need to make more of the wrapped edge books. 
I had already cut some book covers to size so I added the tissue paper for folding over.
I could have dumped these covers but I liked the green finish of this card. 
 These two books have had their charms and texture highlighted using Rub 'n' Buff. Again the wrapped edges are a much better finish.
 The spines of the two books show the difference of simply folding and scoring the card stock.
The book on the left has a much rounder spine and is less defined. 
Either look works for my needs I think.
I am really pleased with how these have turned out but if you want the look without the pain please have a look at the books of the extremely talented Victoria in her Dark Squirrel Etsy shop. She has some marvellous books available at the moment. 
More supplies!! I found these on Ebay from diamantecrafts, they sell a whole range of really tiny gem stones both 1mm and 2mm. They are made for nail art but would have lots of uses in our mini world.
 A quick and simple way of decorating the spines to start with.
 Plus a little bit of steampunk for the shelves.
 Much more traditional spines and labels. The font is size 4, really tiny.
The whole group together, or one shelf!! Oh my word, have a long way to go!! 
During a very wet Sunday I have pasted some normal sheets of paper with the crinkled tissue to see how that turns out. Practice makes perfect!!


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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a message. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Un gran trabajo, te han quedado genial.
    besitos ascension

  3. Hi Janice! Thanks for the ebay link, that was something I was looking for :-)
    I don´t know if this is someting for you, but for my
    "quick" books in staples I am often using leather paper from folia. It comes in a packet with red, light brown and dark brown and looks good for old books :-) I don´t have a close up but if you look in my blog, there is a book staple on the green table with the owl :-) Hugs, Sandra

  4. wow you have been so busy, the books are looking great. Just wondering if you have tried putting on in water and seeing what happens, For the old worn look i


  5. I really like your books.The ones with traditional labels are my favourite. I also like your thorough and scrupulous approach to mini making.

  6. Your books are looking great, love the way the tissue has turned out, so leather-ish! The folded covers look very realistic.

  7. Interesting tutorial! Thanks for sharing your techniques. The Rub n Buff book covers are awesome!

  8. Great work! The result is very pleasing.
    Bye Faby

  9. The books are amazing! Great work!

  10. Your books are awesome! I love the steampunk ones :) Thanks for the link to my shop, I love making books. I can't wait to see your shelves filled. Hope your ankle is healing without pain.


  11. These books are great! Some of them remind me of those creepy books from the harry potter movies. Come see my
    wooden dollhouse filled with miniature books

  12. Wow - I'm impressed! You're creating some lovely books and have a great selection there.

  13. Hello
    Fabulous books you have made. So fine details on.



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