Friday, 6 July 2012

Flourish and Blotts Wood Finishes.....Another layer of Varnish

I have laid all the floorboards in the bookshop and have begun colouring the boards. These are mahogany pre-cut strips with three layers of stain so far.
 The balcony floor looks much more permanent now the flooring is down too. 
I have also stained the skirting boards ready for when the bookcases can be fitted into place.
 Many layers of mahogany stain and varnish later I have finally finished all the bookcases. Phew! It did take some time but I am happy with the overall colour now. It is slightly darker than shown in this picture.
 The opening front panel will also be lined with bookcases and I have glued all these in place. I now need to decide what I am going to do with the windows. The top windows will have a book stack all along the outside edges so I am not sure if I should add architrave or not. 
Hmmmmm......also should the architrave be in mahogany or black and gold crackle to match the windows??!!
Decisions. Decisions.
Oh well I will have plenty of time to think about it while I am making books!!


  1. Really loving the mahogany of those shelves! Saw your books in the previous post Janice and wate to thank you for showing us the techniques !

  2. Mooie vloer heb je gelegd. Het wordt vast een prachtige bibliotheek. Veel plezier met boeken maken.

    Fijn weekend en groeten,


  3. The bookcases look really good. I liked them unvarnished a lot but now they are very elegant.I'm sure your decissions will be right... you're good at it.

  4. Wow, I really love the colour of wood you have achieved with the stain ont he shelves. Looking forward to seeing them all in place in the shop. I think you should keep the window frames the black and gold crackle so they will match the door.

  5. Wow! You'll need a lot of books!
    Bye Faby

  6. Love the colour of the flooring and the shelves Janice! They work great against the wallpaper and aren't too dark at they'll make the room look small :)
    We're the shelves on the opening wall part of the commission too or are they bought separately?
    If you were to put architrave on, I'd say in the same would varnish as the shelves, I think black and gold would disappear too much into the wallpaper with it being so elaborate and detailed. As for the windows, of you are havi a stack of books up either side (which I think is a great idea!) maybe you could just put one shelf over each window at the top to finish it off?
    Are you having things stacked in the bow windows too?
    Oh, and will the wizard/book sculpture I remember seeing in one of your older posts be going in here too?

    Wonderful yet again,
    Michael :) x

  7. I loved the color of the shelves. Your project is getting great. I'll wait to see the next step.

  8. Hi Janice
    I am a new miniature blogger, came by and visit me one day.
    Exciting and bold to make such a large "library" with so many books. I look forward to seeing the final result. Oh, how she looks cute your "newest" mini, Lily.
    Good luck


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