Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's Been a While....But I Have Been shopping of Course!!

I have long admired the work of Christine of Dandelion Fair but whenever I have looked in her Etsy Store I seemed to miss the listings.
Since the arrival of my new baby, Lily, I seem to collapse at the end of the day only fit for an hour of internet flicking and I was lucky enough to spy this teeny chap.
Many years my Great-Aunt Nell used to knit and crochet all sorts of wonderful toys and as we grew up she kept on knitting for all the children in her street. She was a real gem of a lady and I have a soft spot for knitted toys.
This little chap will fit in my toyshop nicely.
Now for something completely different.......we are taking Lily to the seaside! So exciting, especially as there will be no flying or foreign currency involved.
I am going to the North Yorkshire coast not far from Scarborough. I have never visited this area before but it looks beautiful.
So, where should we go? All advice gratefully received, remembering we will be travelling with a baby, I mean a puppy!!
We have rented a fabulous looking barn conversion from English Country Cottages a company that we have used quite a lot. Two priorities for me were Wi-Fi and a modern interior, so I think this place will be a success.
Not all of it! Only part......
but it looks yummy! Even if it pours down with rain we should be able to be comfortable.
Hard floors are also a plus, if it is really muddy and the puppy pees.
So, where are the best places to visit? Local dolls house shops would definitely be a big plus!!


  1. Your vacation rental looks wonderful. Have a great trip!

  2. Love your little bear:) You will be approximately an hour from York so would suggest the York Miniature Scene - nice friendly shop and York is full of inspiration:) Whitby is nice too and worth a trip especially Magpies for Fish n Chips! There are some nice National Trust properties in this area too. Will have a think and get back to you! When do you go ? The property looks lovely too

  3. Your little bear is Precious! I hope Lily enjoys her first vacation :) have a great trip.


  4. Oh Janice, My neck of the woods!! Where is your cottage? Would say Whitby for a visit and Robin hoods bay. Lots of lovely beaches around that Lily will love. Yes, York is not far and the Miniature Scene is well worth a visit, they have some nice Craftman made pieces. Helmsley is a lovely place to visit too and has a tiny dollshouse shop which usually has some nice bits in it.There is a dollshouse shop in Scarborough, but it's ages since I've been in, so couldn't say what it's like now. love Jain xx

  5. I'm back today from that neck of the woods and I hope you have better weather than we did. It was horrible but the area is so good and full of great things to see and do, it doesn't really matter. Miniature Scene is well worth a visit so allow plenty time to browse!

  6. What a cutie! Fabulous place Janice! We had so much trouble finding a place that would allow dogs!Every time you find the perfect place its NO DOGS! I can see why as Bella moults terribly and also smells of wet dog so not nice for others going in after you. That place looks incredibly luxurious, have a fab time! Kate xxx

  7. Hello I emailed you with some more info about North Yorks - have a good time :)


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