Friday, 1 July 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things..........Part 5, Traci Howard

A lot of us seem to have a soft spot for dragons, so I thought I would show my little collection of tiny dragons by Traci Howard of Feythcrafts
 These hand carved baby dragons are all curled up in their own shells.
 This one in a walnut shell.....
 .......and this really teeny one is in a large acorn cap. 
 Traci also carves little eleven and goblin creatures. I could not resist this little chappie napping in his very comfortable itchy ball shell. Aren't his feet fabulous, I just want to tickle them!
 This very special dragon was made for me by Traci after I saw her larger dragon pieces. She kindly agreed to make me a 12th scale creature. He is simply gorgeous and sleeps on the bed of my witch at the moment. Eventually he will be displayed on the window ledge so everyone can admire him.
After receiving him I knew I had to ask Traci to make me one more. I wanted a sitting dragon for outside one of my shops. He would be on a lead and waiting patiently for his witch to finish looking at all the wonderful dresses.
 I know Traci was very worried about this magnificent beast as all her dragons are usually lying down. I am sure you will agree he is perfect
Look at that cute face. The perfect pet for a witch with aspirations!!! Plus by the look of the claws a serious guard dragon too.
Most of these pieces will find their way into the secret top floor room of my Magical Menagerie, where all things dragon will be tucked away for only the most trusted customers!!


  1. Fantastic collection! I love her dragons and I owe one too:)

  2. Traci has done a fabulous job on your new dragon. We love our little collection of dragons and tiny people too !

  3. Hello,
    Sorry I havent been around for what seems like ages! Your dragons are superb, I especially love the dragon that will sit outside the shop waiting :0) I have a couple of little ones in Gertie's garden, I can highly recommend them too. Off to catch up on your other posts now :)
    Julia xxx

  4. The goblin is delightful, just so sweet...if you can get a sweet goblin! lol The dragon's though are superb and fantastic realistic looking. :o))

    Michelle xx

  5. You have an amazing collection of dragons, congratulations! The little goblin is really irresistible. :)

  6. Very nice Dragosn!!!
    Baby dragons are soo cute!!! :O))

  7. The big dragons are just awesome, love them to bits!!! And that little elf guy, how cute is he! Going to have to save my pennies and get in contact for my own character me thinks!! Kate xx

  8. I Love Traci's Dragons. I've got quite a collection of them myself. I swear those baby ones in the shells, blink ever now and again. Love your bigger Dragons and the sitting one is magnificent. Thanks for the link to those Mini Cages, mine came this week.(Did mention you on my blog) xxx

  9. What perfect dragons! I love them all :)


  10. Aren't they just beautiful and magical!!!!
    I have 2 dragon in an acorn shell and one in a chestnut shell....and I love them!!! The big dragons are wonderful too, love the one on the bed!!

  11. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This is so amazing,,,


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