Friday, 24 June 2011

An Unwelcome Visitor......

I was collecting unpainted flower pots from the step of Witch E.T. Grubb's Emporium and glancing through the middle floor window I noticed a couple of hat stands had fallen over. I opened up the front door and saw rather more of a mess than expected.
 My display of shoes looked rather the worse for wear.
 With a tattered shoe left alone on the shelf.
 It's partner had been dragged to the other side of the shop next to a toppled light stand.
 My gorgeous steam punk hat by Kat also looked slightly awry....I am sure that pipe went somewhere! 
 Downstairs there was the same sort of chaos but little or no damage.
Certain clues on the hidden staircase confirmed my growing suspicions. You would have thought the witchs' cats would have been a little more effective!
Time to see if this little shopper had decided to head down the high street in search of more appetising nibbles.
The modern emporium only had a couple of poops, all that chrome and white china I expect. 
The florist shop showed signs of interest but surprisingly only a scattering of items.
The cake and bread shop.......
 A whole single cake display chew scattered and chewed, right under the nose of this kitty!
 Lots of bread and rolls seem to have been the object of interest. These fimo pieces have been mixed with almonds, semolina, poppy seeds etc. so they may have tasted slightly better than the cakes.
 Another useless cat watches on....
 I hope the cafe's customers were not too terrified!
 The peaceful roof terrace looks as if it has been hit by a whirlwind.
Lots of tidying up to do and the main question is of course.....Where is the bloody mouse now?


  1. Oh boy....I shouldn't laugh but who'd have though a mouse in a doll house. You cracked me up with the useless cats. Hope you can get it sorted and tidied up.

    I've heard of bugs and mite attacking mini foods that have real foods in them which is why, when I made food, I never used anything real. But never heard of a mouse.

    Hope you find the mouse !

  2. Rats! Or should I say, "Mouse!" So sorry about this--hope you can get the culprit back outside soon!

  3. I thought at first...gosh ANOTHER post by Janice...I can't keep up. Then I saw what it was about, and as I worked my way down your photo's they just got worse. :o((

    It's not the first time I've seen mice damage, but not anything on this scale. I can't believe they found the fimo food so tasty...despite having a little edible ingredients within. I would have been 'very' upset if this was mine and I don't doubt you feel any different.

    My parents put their large Queen Anne dolls house in their garage for storage (not filled). My Mum went to check it for something and found the living room curtains torn down and moved into the adjacent room for a bed! The mice had got in via the front door and went up the stairs and then from room to room. The curtain's was the only thing damaged though.

    I know you can't repair the things eaten, but you will have to catch that mouse or mice...they chew wires in a real house and not something you want at all. :o(((

    Michelle xxx

  4. The real culprit is my real live cat who is a real hunter. He is always bringing in mice, voles, birds, squirrels and once proudly delivered a very large rat at exactly the same moment my husband was taking the turkey out of the oven.
    Our eight hungry guests were not impressed!!

    There is absolutely no sign of the mouse in the work shop, dead or alive. But we are used to finding the odd corpse tucked away......eventually.

    The really lucky thing was that my dolls were unscathed. I would have been really upset if they had been 'eaten'.

  5. That's a nightmare and I can only hope,that you will find this mouse very soon ! Perhaps you know it already,but with Nutella you will always get them.The last mouse I had, deleted the whole electricity in my dollhouse,so I can feel with you :-(! Jeannette

  6. Thanks for the tip Jeanette. I will leave some out tonight which should bring him out of hiding if he is still around.

  7. Que desastre de ratón! tienes que resguardar tus miniaturas, seguirá por ahi, seguro.
    Un abrazo

  8. It's hard to believe ... A little mouse did all this damage! Just because the evidence was left, we can only believe in the attack of the little troublemaker. :(
    You need a female kitten. My mother said that female cats are great hunters.
    Good luck!

  9. Too bad there wasn't a hidden camera. That must have been quite the site to see. The mouse must have felt a little ripped off by the food not being real!! LOL

  10. OOOOHHH!!!
    que desastre!!!
    espero que puedas arreglarlo todo!!
    (y no ríñas mucho al gato que está haciendo su trabajo)

  11. Oh no!!! what a mess... I've heard of cat burglars before but never mouse burglars!!! I hope you can find the culprit AND stop them coming in again (((hugs)))

  12. eeks how awful, The mouse must have had pain in his tummy after eating so much fimo, if he survives . you better try to catch him fast before it does more damage. mouses are my nightmares I am terrified by them. I wouldn't sleep a minute knowing there is one or more.

  13. Janice what a nightmare. You need to disinfect everything that its had its little paws on. Do you know that Mice are incontinent and pee as they walk around. I've had Mice damage in the garage. They had chewed through a box and made a nest in one of the Stock Boxes. I had to throw quite a lot of stuff out as they'd pee'd on it. Hope the little culprit, has vacated the premises..x

  14. No sign of the mouse despite lots of nutella being left around.....He is hopefully escaped back into the garden.

    Thanks for tip Debbie. Just what I needed.....more house work!

  15. Gosh...what a mess!!
    Could you catch it with chocolate? I know it works, we tested it last winter...

  16. I can't begin to imagine how you must have felt on opening your house and finding all that destruction. Mind you, the post did make me smile but I felt soooo sorry for you having to deal with that.

    Let's hope your mouser earns his keep and sorts the little so and so out!

  17. How terrible Janice! I hope he is long gone. I had a cat who brought a snake in my house to play with.


  18. Oh my janice ! mice ! I have a customer who took her collection of dolls bought from me to her local dolls house club to show off. On her return she left them in a basket and woke the next day to find a mouse had ate most of them !! I repaired them all for her and was amazed at the destruction with noses chewed off and hands missing ...mice love polymer clay LOL
    and so do hamsters but thats another story......
    hope you find this little critter
    julie xx

  19. Oh Janice you poor thing. Our cats do the same thing. Bring live mice into the house, play with them a while, mouse escapes, cat sniffs around for a couple of minutes, gets bored and goes for a nice long nap. Meanwhile, mouse gets in behind skirting board/wall and sets up home.

    This one did lots of damage but thankfully it seems like you have it under control. Why must they bring the mice in alive?? If all else fails (and it did with me) I had to bring in the professionals. Within 24 hours no more sound of mouse. Cat slept through most of the hullaballoo. Useless feline - but cute!! Carol :)

  20. On my Janice, he must of been a monster mouse.. all that damage, I would of been horrified. I hope your cat doesn't bring any more 'presents' in for you. I hope you managed to fix everything.
    Julia xxx

  21. Oh my gosh what a mess... Your cute giant cat on the roof garden that I saw on the photo was obviously not at home at this time!
    Well I must admit, if I were a mouse I would love to live in such a beautiful little house ;-) but I hope this one who did that damage has decided to go and live somewere else!

    Hugs Jollie


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