Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things..........Part 4, Lory Tonetti

In my real grown up life I have always collected china pieces of all types which usually sit in the cupboard and come out as and when my colour schemes change. This liking has become part of my miniature world too as you could tell from my collection of Jacqueline Dunn pieces.
Lory Tonetti is also one of my absolute favourite artisans and although the first piece I ever bought was a basket made from a super large acorn cap.. 
 ......her work had the feel of the type I was used to collecting in my real world.
So this piece was the start of this little collection of Lory's wonderful work. 
 More teapots, although strangely I would never buy a collectible teapot for my real home!
 The delicate detail of her work is truly wonderful. Each teapot is about the size of my thumbnail.
 A small selection of her toadstools.... tiny little acorn caps.....
.......and of course some mushrooms. I also have some loose toadstools for baskets complete with dirt from the wood.
Tea for one? How gorgeous is this?! I think I will put this in The Cauldron Shop as a treat for my hard working witch who has to haul around all those Hogwarts starter cauldrons. 
 The cookie jar should also be at hand to settle the nerves of any anxious parent.
 The perfect place for pumpkin biscuits.
 This beautiful shelf is from the kitchen of my witch house (still to be named....)
 This witch likes a brew or two, or even three.....
 Every detail is simple but perfect.
A scrumptious tray of woodland cupcakes destined for the shopping baskets of Diagon's witches and wizards.
 Lastly, this yummy selection of Halloween cupcakes for my Hogwarts girlie still to be found napping in her Leaky Cauldron bedroom.
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my collection, Lory's work can be seen in her Etsy Shop or on the CDHM site.
An update too on how my most time consuming mini project is getting on...
....yep, we really should have called her Gizmo! 


  1. It is a beautiful collection. The teapots are so gorgeous ...
    Gizmo is a perfect name :D

  2. Ahh she looks the same size bless her, thats the good thing with little dogs they stay like pups forever, unlike our gigantic Bella!
    Lory is one of mine and Lola's favourite artistes, and we both have a collection of her beautiful work also. I get outbid too often on ebay so now stalk her etsy site, much more in budget and she has sales too! You have a lovely selection, all my kind of minis! Kate xxx

  3. Hi Eliana, welcome to my blog.....lovely to have a visitor from the other side of the world. Your beach house looks marvellous.

  4. Hi Kate, Lily is more than twice the size of when she first came home but still small relatively of course!! Still chewing her way around the house with her small but very sharp baby teeth!

    Lory's work is a real pleasure to own. It is so joyful. How I would have loved to have gone to Paris and seen her stand. Wanted to go this year but it was a puppy or Paris.......

  5. Oooo what a gorgeous collection you have there!!! I adore the cupcakes and admit to having mini-envy LOL but thankyou so much for the link to her Etsy shop, like Kate, I get outbid on her ebay sales too so it'll be lovely to be able to snap up some of her work when her Etsy store re-opens :D
    Lily is still so cute & tiny, although I am so used to having a large dog in the house, I think I'd be tripping over one as small as yours x

  6. Great collection!Miniature handmade are fantastic!Enjoy!

  7. Hi ladies, I am so lucky to be able to own these fabulous pieces. Lory is a real favourite of mine. I treat myself every so often.....

  8. What a wonderful collection Janice. I especially love the ones on the shelf.

    Lily is too cute...Gizmo is a great nickname :-)

  9. You have a wonderful collection, Janice.
    Lory's work is such fantastic!

    But Gizmo is the most beautiful miniature I ever seen :-)


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