Saturday, 11 December 2010

Still Decking the Halls.....

 As we are going away straight after Christmas I decided to go a little more minimal this year. So only the main Santas have been unpacked this year and they decorate the kitchen shelf.....
 .......and the dresser. I have collected all shapes and sizes, for all different prices, from lots of different places. They always make me laugh as I put them out around the house. 
 My last job this year has been the hall stairs. Very much the same as the fireplace. 
This is very much a joint effort in that my husband fits and lights the garland and then I do all the pretty bits. On the wall you can just see the wonderful canvas photograph I had done of my children for my 50th a couple of years ago. As they are now nearly all grown and on their way I find it very comforting to have them their to greet me when I arrive home or come down in the morning. 
That is my decorating for this year but we do have a quandary. We are off on our adventure on the 27th, do we take down the decorations on the morning? Or leave them up and hope we don't get bad luck? Now I know my rather large children will be at home but......putting away the decorations has to be done methodically and carefully otherwise they just won't fit! Plus I am a complete control freak and can't bear the thought of them all being put away willy-nilly, I have labelled boxes!
My husband is very superstitious and is not happy about leaving them up, mmmmmm, what to do?


  1. I LOVE this style of decorations and I love the Father Christmas collection too! :o)))

    I'd pack away the decorations before you go away for your holiday...superstitions aside, you simply won't fancy packing them away after a holiday. :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. I think you might be right Michelle! I did order the little girl......and received a lovely email from the seller. You were right she sounds delightful.

  3. Janice, I Love your Santa's they are fabulous, especially the one holding the Welcome banner. I used to have the garlands up the stairs in our old house, but can't do it here, as the stairs have a wall either side.
    As for taking the decorations down, well if you think the kids won't put them away properly, I'd do it before you go. But you've also got to pack for your trip!...

  4. I think you are right Debbie and we do have a late flight. I have loved peeking at all your decorations too, it's been nice sharing a glimpse into our real worlds.

  5. Hi Janice, woww i love your decor!! now i feel bad for not even putting up the pathetic fake xmas tree i've got stashed away. :( and your children look lovely in the photo, don't ask how i know from the small photo, i just do! :)

  6. I just love the garland going up the stairs! And your dresser looks fabulous! I would have to put them away before I went. You have a beautiful home Janice :)

    Victoria ♥

  7. Beautiful decorations! In Greece we keep our decorations up until after Epiphany ( usually 6th), but we dont have the superstition of bad luck if you leave it longer. I did find this link according to this, only real greenery needs to go out. Hope this helps. :) have a wonderful adventure!

  8. le buffet est superbe ainsi décoré.

  9. Janice you are making me feel very under decorated your decs are so beautiful and very 'Me'! I also collect Father Christmas's but havnt bought any this year so must get out and seek out some new ones! Your house looks beautiful was it always this tidy even with the children at home, i bet it was! Kate xxx

  10. wonderful job! santa will be excited to visit your house!

  11. Wonderful decorations! I love the garland on the banister. The dresser is great, I'm sure even without the decorations.
    by the way I leave my decorations up to mid January and nothing bad has ever happened to me.

  12. I love your decorations, especially the stair garland :o) I've seen some lovely ones in blogland and am feeling a little embarrassed about mine and like I really should go shopping for better ones now!! (any excuse LOL)
    I'm like you and am also a total control freak when it comes to putting the decs away so I'd do have to pack them away myself too.


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