Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Deck the Halls......

Christmas is coming! We always buy our tree during the first weekend of December so that we get the most out of the decorations. I love unpacking them all as so many have memories of Christmases past.
 The tree has a lovely shape this year and is fully loaded with my collection of Santas. I started collecting them many years ago when my children were small. There are quite a few from our family holidays but I have a real weakness for the Gisela Graham range of decorations so there are lots by her. They are mostly traditional red coated santas mad from all types of materials.
 This is my daughter's pink fairy tree which sits in the upstairs landing. Fully loaded again with lots of Gisela Graham decorations which my daughter loved when she was little. 
 Cute tiny tin fairies and flying cats that have been collected over the years although they are now becoming hard to find. This is a very small tree, about two foot, I would love a tall tree dedicated to fairies one day.
 The mantle and mirror decoration has again evolved over a number of years but I think it is finally finished. I love all the reds and golds set against the greenery but I am still looking for a large red candle for the brass candle holder in the middle. 
The decoration is made up of lots of individual pieces that I have mostly bought locally as and when I have seen them. They are simply poked into the greenery and stay in place quite happily each year. I am always amazed by how it all holds together! 
I have never been one for lots of decorations. In the main living room I decorate the mirror/mantle, fireplace and we have a tree but that is all really with a couple of strings of lights. With very narrow rooms and three children that has always been more than enough. 
I have always yearned for a dining room with a table fully laid, a fireplace, central display and sparkling tree that remains untouched until Christmas Eve. A room for looking but not disturbing like in all those lovely magazines! 
Oh and a comfy chair by the roaring fire to sit and enjoy the feeling of Christmas without the mess......Mmmmmmm, not this year unless I build an extension very quickly. Now that would be a Christmas miracle! 


  1. Your decorations are lovely and very special. :) We too put up a tree with decorations collected through the years and I love finding them each year.

  2. Janice your decs are a dream! I put up our tree today and for the first time in years persuaded the children tinsel is soooo out and just used lots of lights and beautiful decorations and I was chuffed it looked like a magazine tree! The baubles etc, like you we have collected over the years. We always buy 2 or 3 new special expensive ones each year to add! The mantel looks gorgeous. I was thinking mine looked quite glam but seeing yours I need to do more work!! Hope you got my replay email yesterday, Love Kate xxx

  3. Una decoración preciosa.
    Tu casa esta muy acogedora.
    Besos Clara

  4. Glorious decorations, Janice - thankyou for sharing them with us! :)

  5. Thanks ladies, somethings actually turn out as we hope! My decorations have finally peaked!

    Kate have sent an email tonight, hope it gets to you.

  6. Wow, everything looks great and I love what you did over the mantel and mirror! Beautiful!


  7. La guirlande rouge autour de la cheminée est magnifique

  8. Janice your decorations all look wonderful, but the mirror, now that is fabulous..xxx

  9. WOW, your mantle garland is stunning! I put ours around the stair banister and landing instead of the fireplace but its nowhere near as impressive as yours. Yours is up there with the magazine ones for definite... OMG, I think I have garland envy LOL :o)
    I love the Gisella Graham decs too, I dont have many xmas ones but do have some of the lovely ones she does for easter as well. I usually try to buy a couple of good quality decs each year, (although this year I just made some) but its suprising how the years fly by and the collections grow!!!

  10. Beautiful decorations! I was thinking yours looked just like those photos in the magazines! LOL! Glad to see I'm not the only one out there with more than one tree.... even in a small house! I love the pink! And your mantle is amazing! Enjoy!

  11. How kind you all are. Decorations do grow with the years don't they and then suddenly it all works.
    I have only bought a couple of bits this year as we are going away straight after Christmas. This year I would like to start a Halloween collection as I have very few pieces.

  12. su casa queda perfecta con esa decoración, realmente el árbol tiene una forma preciosa.
    un abrazo

    her house is perfect with this decoration, the tree has a really beautiful way.
    a hug


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