Friday, 19 November 2010

How Many Injections?!

Off we went to visit our local nurse to talk about what precautions we need to take before flying off to Malaysia. My husband is six foot one and 16 stone but is a total worst scenario freak when it comes to 'foreign' illnesses and has already decided to have every injection known to man. I think he would even pack the morning after pill if they let him.
I am, surprisingly, very relaxed about such things. Mainly I suppose because my children have travelled to all sorts of places and stayed in the most revolting hostels with very few bad effects, so if they have survived I feel sure I will. I take it for granted I will get an upset tummy, the change in water effects me just passing through the Watford Gap after all!
Anyway we talk to the nurse and I can see my husband hanging on her every word. Oh yes he says, let's have the Rabies injection. We don't need it I say. Of course we do he says. No we don't there has not been a case of Rabies in the area we are visiting for three years.......Oh, he says, but.....
AND, I say, I do not intend getting close enough to any animal that can bite me that badly unless it has been rather nicely stir-fried and served with a delicious sauce!!
How long are you going for? says the nurse wearily.
So we ended up with Hep A, Hep B, typhoid, dyptheria, and tetanus. Sounds like more than enough to me. Plus we have to take a course of Malaria tablets with us 'just in case'.

Thank you everyone who left such funny and helpful messages to my last post. I will be talking you through my journey as and when each stage is reached. Thank you Sans for your lovely offer I may take you up on it! It sounds like an escape route of the most pleasurable kind.
I have now seen our itinerary which I will share with you another day......suffice to say it led to a rather heated discussion. Has this man never been on holiday with me before? A good clue for him would be the fact that that I have not got my hair wet, except for in the shower, since 1976!


  1. I've heard it is usually the intrepid explorer types who faint at the needle - how did he go?

    Next strategy is to decide in a month or more that you do need some of those vaccinations after all because you have been reading online...etc - oops, haven't got time to be fully covered! Surely he wouldn't expect you to go unprotected? :~D

    Overall you got off lightly - we seem to need more than that to go to the safe old UK.

  2. He was very brave!
    We had everything except Rabies. We will take Malaria tablets with us.

    Do you have injections to visit the UK? I am not surprised. We have stopped having TB injections at school in my area yet cases are on the rise. Go figure it!

  3. Inoculations are good! One thing not to have to worry about :)

  4. I've never travelled but had to send some boys off to the immunisation clinic to prepare them for a year in the UK and they came back like pincushions :~D I think most jabs were probably for Europe though in case they travelled further.

  5. I agree with Glenda :) but that is a load of injections :). Malaysia is fairly developed unless you plan to stay in the jungle/mountain/villages. And I mean camping . Otherwise, the 3-4 star hotels are pretty decent.

    These days, we just have the flu jap , if at all, when we travel :)

  6. good with the malaria shot! i heard someone from the premier league got it and didn't even know about it! your family will definitely be safe from anything!


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