Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Emporium's Hat & Shoe Department Opens For Business......

I have had a wonderful day dressing the first floor of my Emporium while watching the snow fall in my garden. I love getting all the pieces I have been stashing away out of their hidey-holes and putting them all together. 
Firstly I gathered all the wonderful hats from Kat that I have been collecting for over a year now.
  I have displayed them on simple plain wood grocery stands that I have stained and aged a little bit. The hat stands have been painted to match the hats. I was intending to decorate the hat stands but decided against it because I thought the displays would look too crowded and I did not want to detract from the fabulous hats.
 The shoes were next and I found lots of tiny pairs that I bought ages ago really cheaply which will do just fine on the shelves as well as others that have been made by some very talented people - which reminds me, where are the gorgeous lavender boots I showed on a post a little while ago? Mmmmm, will have to look for those in a minute!
 There a shoes by Kat in leather, by Julie all fluffy and spooky and by CampCactus all delicate and beautifully natural. The empty shelf is waiting for new stock yet to arrive, it is a newly opened shop after all. I am thinking wellingtons in lots of witchy colours, very trendy!
 On this display there is a fabulous matching set with a hat by Debie that amazingly was perfect for the shoes and bag bought from Kat. The glittery shoes were, I think from DHE but I can't really remember.
 Once again these were basic white wood units but they do a fine job. I also have a couple of up to the minute Steampunk hats by Kat, including the wonderfully quirky flying hat which always makes me smile! So Esme Weatherwax I always think.
 This table display shows of lots of shoes mainly bought from Minutaria and Etsy with two pairs from CWPoppets. It was simply coincidence that they all came together like this but I am like the way they compliment each other. There is also a little candle display from Julie which was just right!
 To liven up the plain wooden units I added a few of the decorative brackets Angela Downton is now selling on Ebay. They are really pretty and an incredibly simple way to liven up plain pieces of furniture. I also edged the door of the shoe cabinet with the really tiny ones.
The shop floor now looks ready for all those well dressed witches out there.
 Due to my having to use a flash today my gorgeous Abyssinian cat by Sarah Schiff can't be seen in all his glory unfortunately but her cats are a weakness of mine. They are so lifelike!  
 I have still got to put up mirrors, signs etc to bring the whole look together but it is coming along nicely. I also want to make a few shoe/boot boxes to scatter which will be a challenge! I am terrible with measurements but it will be fun having a go!
I will have to design a logo for Witch E.T.Grubb's to make sure she stands out on the High Street!
 A cosy section to try on all the new styles with comfy cushions by who else but Julia, beautifully sewn as usual. Julia has been poorly recently so I hope seeing her lovely work in place will cheer her up. The very sexy boots are by The Dolls Cobbler whose work is the devil to get hold of but I managed to find
Mainly Minis in the US who do supply to the UK. If you have half an hour to spare take a trip through this website, they have some unusual as well as beautiful pieces for sale mostly handmade. 
Lots to do still, including the lighting when I will be fitting LEDs for the first time, but what a nice way to spend a cold, snowy day!


  1. This is such a marvellous shop and an original idea too. I love all the hats, no particular favourite, they're just all soooo good. I like too how the reds all co-ordinated. You've created a lovely little display.

  2. Many thanks Irene. Now I must find those lavender boots.......

  3. cool project! LOVE all the hats and shoes; I've been collecting quite a few witch's hats too and making some so may do a smaller scene.

  4. It is looking superb, Janice :) I have just spent the best 10 minutues of my day looking at all your beautiful hats... and shoes... and bags... and puddycat... and cushions!! thanks for the link, it's great to see them in situ. Those trimmings from Angela are good too, I fancy some of the too! Glad you've had a lovely day, we don't have snow, just cold ice.. Brrr
    Julia xxx

  5. Oh, Janice, this is an amazing shop!! I can't choose a favourite bit, it's all fabulous, and so well presented!
    Brilliant!! :))))

  6. Wow, so much wonderful stuff in one little shop! This is great fun. You've done a lovely job, Janice!


  7. Janice, it looks absolutely fantastic. I like you, have a terrible weakness, for Kat's Hats. I adore her Steampunk ones. Everything has come together beautifully from all the different artisans. xxx

  8. Now I finally know who is always faster than me in Kat's shop ;D Beautiful collection!

  9. So colourful and eclectic I love it! Did you make the tall hat stands yourself? Looking forward to seeing LED lights in place and see their effect, Kate xxx

  10. You have a wonderful collection of hats and shoes!! The shop looks great!

  11. omg!!!! i love it love it love it!!! Fabulous!! :D Linda x

  12. Wow Janice what a collection. It all looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see the LEDs in action.

    Victoria ♥

  13. Prachtige collectie, zo mooi en ook zo origineel!

    Groetjes, Karin.

  14. :-D Your shop looks fabulous. Thank you for mentioning my hats tee hee blush! xxx

  15. Wow that's a beautiful shop that's coming together nicely.

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