Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Love Miniatura.....

This weekend I attended Minatura which is a miniaturist's wonderland. My husband always comes with me when I go to Birmingham, it is his idea of showing an interest in my hobby. At six foot two and 15 stone I do live in constant dread of him crushing old ladies and whole tables of china. Like a lot of very sporty men he has absolutely no co-ordination when not on a sports field! Still we managed to survive the day and he even made the odd helpful suggestion. We arrived at 10am and left about 1.30pm as by then he was getting really twitchy about getting home to watch the Manchester United game on television. This meant I only had one real look around but I still visited lots of wonderful stands and met up with lots of talented artisans.

These lovely items were purchased from Mouse House Miniatures. The wellies and the dustbin have a cheeky little rat peeking out and are perfect for my current project. This stand had lots of lovely food pieces as well.

Late the night before the show Mags of http://mags-nificentminiatures.blogspot.com/ had put a picture of this super hen coop on her blog. I went to her stand first thing and was lucky enough to purchase this and many other interesting pieces. The gorgeous barn owl was made by Annie Willis of Fine Design and I was really spoilt for choice so I expect a second owl will be top of my list for Kensington in May.

I am also lucky enough to have quite a few items by Jenny and Mike Klem who make wonderful witchy and wizarding miniatures. It was great to meet them in person and see their fantastic display for their first Miniatura. They mostly sell on Ebay I think but do have a look at their website http://www.kastlekelm.webs.com/
I know a few bolggers were disappointed with the hall this year and I must admit it was a bit tatty and the catering arrangements were pretty poor, however, I really enjoyed myself and will do a further 'show and tell ' tomorrow.


  1. That's a great man you've got there Janice, and thank goodness he didn't crush any china or old ladies! The idea of it really made me chuckle LOL

    You got some great purchases, I especially love the wellies, the chicken hutch and the jars. Look forward to seeing more!

    I'll check out the websites you mentioned :)

  2. I love the things you got, I'm so wishing I lived in England!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Janice.
    I am so happy that you are pleased with your rattyboots and the hen coup.

  4. I am trying to persuade my hubbie to go to the Madrid show this year. It would be very interesting to compare the work of European miniaturists.

  5. Mags, it was a pleasure. See you at Kensington.

  6. Janice you brought some lovely pieces. I adore Annie Willis's animals and have a few myself.
    Glad Mags chicken coop has gone to a good home..x

  7. Thank you for sharing your trip to Miniatura with us. You got some fab bits. I think my hubby would enjoy the show as he is quite interested in models,but I have not gotten a chance to go yet.


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