Friday, 26 March 2010

From infatuation to love....

You know what it's like when you begin a new relationship, even if it was long ago. For the first few months you can think of nothing else, the rest of your life seems drab, your friends are boring and you cannot talk about anything but that all so important new interest in your life.
Then there comes a point when you need the relationship to begin to move in a different direction, you start to crave a little more variety and the time has come to think about commitment. You hope there will be a sign to help you come to a decision about where to go next.......
Half way through my second project I began to tire of being outbid on Ebay, DHE was just not doing it for me any more and I was starting to investigate fimo and unpainted furniture. Would such a commitment be worth all the trouble. Investing in a new relationship can so often bring disppointment.....
Then out of the blue I found an old dolls house magazine in the dentist's surgery and read of all these wonderful artisans who would be showing at Minatura at the NEC in two weeks time.
I went to my first exhibition in March 2009 and moved from infatuation to love!!! I was now completely hooked on miniatures, it was no longer a fleeting affair but a relationship for life. I wandered around like a child in a sweetie store with her first week's pocket money. The biggest discovery I made was that miniaturists are genuinely nice people who were passionate about their work and were happy to chat even if you were only looking. I had the time of my life.
With so much to choose from I settled on artisans who sold cats, another part of my life, building materials to try and a piece for the roof garden I was planning. The slates in the first picture are supplied by the lovely Peter Clark who produces hand painted cards which can be cut to size. I have used them as roof slates and bricks and have found them both economical and easy to apply. Peter also makes handpainted birds and garden items and I couldn't resist this lovely bird box.
The tabby cats were the first cats I bought from the talented David Ward, I have quite a collection now! I love them.
My collection of Siamese cats are by Sarah Hendry . I can't remember if I just drooled the first time I saw her work and bought later but I knew I had to have her work in my collection.
I also learnt a lot during my first visit. Not to buy to buy on a whim or if things seem very cheap because mistakes can be costly as well as wasteful. Decide what are the main items you really need and visit those sellers or find those items first, before you get carried away! Take cash because not a lot of sellers take cards and the ATM outside charges you, one of my pet peeves!!
Take a break after a couple of hours, looking at so many tiny things can make you go cross-eyed after a while.
Tomorrow I will be heading back to Miniatura where I hope to buy a witch, some potion bottles and some textured paper for the outside of my newest project plus a couple of cats of course. Whatever I manage to buy I know I will come back having met some lovely people and full of inspiration.


  1. Oh lucky you! I've read about that sale, I wish we had something like that here. I love your cats too.

  2. I will do a post on what I am lucky enough to purchase. It certainly is a miniature wonderland. We have to leave very early but it is worth it.

  3. Those little cats are just wonderful. I love cats in dollhouse scenes. I will take a look at those links. Have a wonderful time at the fair - I'm green with envy - can you see the glow in the sky coming from way down her in Oz? ;)

    By the way, I like the way your wrote this post :)

  4. Hi Norma. Isn't Blogland wonderful to give us the chance to peek into other enthusiast's lives all over the world. I had a lovely time yesterday,spent too much money as usual but it is only twice a year!


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