Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things..........Part 3, Jacqueline Dunn

I have been collecting pieces by Scottish miniaturist Jacqueline Dunn for a long while now. I usually try and include at least one of her pieces in each of my projects.
The tiny bunny teapot was the first of her pieces I managed to win and it sits on the counter in my florist and gift shop. 
 I have a few witchy pieces including this tiny tuxedo cat pumpkin container. The lid is removable and so tiny. It sits in the fireplace of my witch house.
 On the mantlepiece is this wonderful Halloween cake tea pot. All Jacqueline's pieces are all hand made from clay and are so beautifully detailed.
 I couldn't resist this wonderful witch in the box. It is going with my Hogwart's girlie along with all her other goodies and will be displayed in the bedroom of The Leaky Cauldron
I have only ever seen her pieces on Ebay and they are extremely popular. Each piece comes with its own  hand painted box.
Jacqueline's work is extremely popular and some of her pieces reach very high prices. I have had to learn to be very patient in building up my collection.
 This box contained.......
 ......the tiniest little raven perched on his own teeny pumpkin.
 An Easter box........
 .......for the prettiest white bunny teapot.
 The pansy box was home to..... English cottage teapot,
 complete with its own shingled roof.
 A tuxedo cat....
 .......peeks from within a beautiful rosy teapot.
 A rather darker box....
 .......for a wizard's pitcher. A piece destined for the Leaky Cauldron of course.
 A cute house.....
.......and a delightful toadstool cottage teapot.
My long term intention is to collect enough pieces for a shadow box display as well as including some favourite pieces within my projects.
I now set myself a price I am prepared to pay for each piece and leave the auction to run its course. Then it is always a nice surprise when I get lucky and I never worry about the hundreds that go above my budget.
See I am learning to be patient.
Pop over to have a look at her work. My photos do not do them justice at all. It is amazing that each piece averages at about 5/8ths of an inch!
Nice to be back posting again. Dad out of hospital and recovering well following a slightly worrying time that end up with him being transferred to a coronary ward. Puppy did not react well to my many absences and it feels like we have taken quite a few steps backwards, so time for a deep breath and start again! The cat will have his six very dashing stitches taken out on Monday so that should be the end of that saga. My son has had his first A2 exam, so that's one down two to go!!
Who knows I might even get time to make something next week!!!
Hope the rain doesn't ruin your Sunday wherever you are.


  1. I can not choose which one is the most beautiful. You have averu good collection!!
    Happy that you dad is getting well :)
    In Spain we have also avery rainy month...I miss the Sun!!

  2. Hi Janice
    This is one talented lady! I see why you would get hooked on her artwork.. Simply beautiful.
    I am sorry to hear about your dad, I am glad he is doing a bit better. Your puppy will be ok just as soon as he has his mommy back for a bit.
    Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing Jacqueline's art

  3. I had not seen jacqueline Dunn's work. She is amazing and the little boxes are so special. You have a beautiful collection :)


    P.S. Hugs to little Lily too :)

  4. I really love how she packages her creations with a very special box . She has managed, with the design on the box, to heighten the anticipation so then when one opens the box, it is almost inevitable that one will squeal or gasped or clap in delight when the content is revealed.

    Glad to hear Dad is well again!

  5. Son preciosos todos esos trabajos.

  6. beautiful minis janice.
    You sound like you have a lot to handle right now so heres hoping that dad and cat are soon feeling much better and that little lily is feeling more settled soon.
    julie xx

  7. Janice Ive tried for afew halloween pieces in the past for my witches shop but never been successful. Her work is so minute but perfect in detail, your lucky to have formed such a collection. A little shadow box would be a great way to show them off. Glad your Dads on the mend. Sounds like you have quite a bit going on right now, I know the feeling! Kate xxx

  8. Son pequeños tesoros, me encantan¡¡¡¡
    Besos, Susi

  9. I appreciate your best wishes for a Sunday without rain ... :)
    You did a wonderful collection of the creations of Jacqueline Dunn. Certainly you will use very well.
    A hug.

  10. Beautiful pieces Janice and a lovely collection you have amassed. I Love the Tree/witch Pitcher, it will look fabulous in the Leaky Cauldron. xxx

  11. Thanks ladies.
    Despite the rain here have had the most normal day. Which might not seem like much but for me it was absolutely wonderful.
    I pottered, I played with a few 'toys', spent nice time with the dog, fed my eldest son lots as he was home to visit and generally felt relaxed for the first time in weeks.
    I have sorted out everything that has accumulated in my workroom over the past 6 weeks and actually think I might get to 'mini' life next week!!!

  12. These miniatures are gorgeous! I'm off to check her out.

  13. These teapots are really whimsical--I love them! Glad I found your blog today!

  14. If you like these also check out pie15 on ebay, some of her things are exquisite!

  15. I am honestly amazed to see this , i am Jacqueline Dunn's youngest daughter Aimee Dunn, sadly my mum passed away on the 5th of May last year,I knew my mum was so talented but i honestly never realised how many people admired her work , it is only recently that i typed in her name and so many people are talking about her, i know this post is away back in 2011 , but she is still spoken about now and her miniatures still sell on(although i funnily enough actually don't have any of them as every single one she made till she died she sold !!) , this has put a smile on my face :)


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