Sunday, 12 June 2011

Feeling a Bit Caged?.......

With a big project on the go I am always on the look out for all those little pieces that are needed but never to hand when you actually want them.
With this in mind I recently discovered these fabulous brass cages on Etsy
 This seller is based in China and sells a whole range of beads and charms. The delivery was a little slow but as I am not in any hurry this did not bother me at all.
 The sizes are perfect for 1/12th scale and I decided to order them all in the antique finish. I especially liked the fact that most of them can be opened up for the addition of magical birds.......eventually!!
 These are the best range I have seen too. Lots of interesting shapes and wire work. They will definitely look right in Diagon Alley's Magical Menagerie.
 I also liked the look of these smaller charms which seem pretty useful too. In fact once I remove the ring on the top they will look quite cute as a little curio.
 They could hold a special potion, or jewel, or magic dust? I am sure they will find a home.
Lastly are these tiny cages perhaps for candles? Or a single very dangerous flower? They will need rusting and distressing before they find their home I think.
Have had a great day today despite the non-stop rain, 'Flaming June' indeed!! I spent the whole day at home pottering about and spending lots of time with Lily and my two sons. No rushing about all over the place, no frantic phone calls........Just a day at home. Ahhhhhh, that's better!!


  1. Fabalous finds Janice, I really love those little bird cages.
    Julia xxxx

  2. Janice, I can't keep up with your posts! Firstly I hope your Dad is now improving and back on track recovering. ;o))

    I love the little cages, I've seen a few of them, but some never! Very unusual and perfect Harry Potter cages! The little trinket boxes are perfect to be filled with all weird but wonderful items! Maybe you can rub on a little coloured metallic paint to one or two?

    It's rained all day here, over 15 hours worth so far. I'm not in a drought risk county...but the rain is set to continue all week! It looked and felt more like Autumn going into Winter, rather than Spring going into Summer! :o((

    Michelle xx

  3. Que bonitas compras ( =
    ¡Gracias por el enlace!! Muy bueno ( = Yo he conseguido algunas cosas de las que vienen ahí ,pero cuantas que yo no había visto y me encantan!!!

  4. Great finding, Janice! I'm sure you will enjoy wonderfully this treasure.
    A hug.

  5. Gorgeous cages, would be great for the HP post office too. I may have to treat myself to afew to hang in my wizard store! xxx

  6. These are cool. How clever of you to even find this seller and see some mini use for their items!

  7. Nice cages! I can't wait to see how you finish these :)


  8. These look great Janice. You do find some fab things. Jain xx

  9. These are wonderful Janice...I have a few small cages for ideas but not as nice as these.

    Sorry so late...have had major problems commenting :-(

  10. Dear Janice
    You have found some real treasures here. I just love the bird cages..
    I am happy to hear you had an enjoyable day with your sons and Lily...who by the way is a real sweetheart! Is she an Affenpincher?

  11. Oh, I LOVE your cages!!! I seem to collect them.... I am going to have to make a bird or dragon store to use them all!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!


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