Friday, 27 May 2011

Where Have All Those Years Gone?.........

This morning I saw my youngest son off to his last day at school. I can't believe that my days of school reports, packed lunches and windy sports' fields have come to an end.
It seems impossible not only that I am 20 years older but that my children are all grown up.
I always thought that their first day at secondary school marked their first real steps out of the home but leaving school has really been the major turning point for me.
At their school it is traditional for the Upper Six to attend in fancy dress. They all meet at a playing field in the village and then do a last walk down the high street to school.
 My son's group chose the "Where's Wally?" characters and Power Rangers. He got a great costume off Ebay and his grandad's walking stick.
 A bit early for me to be taking photographs but they look ready for a good time.
Off he goes for the last time. I really could have sat and cried, he's my baby, he can't possibly be ready to go off into the big,wide world!!
Well in reality he is hoping to go off to the wonderful world of university and he'll still be costing me a fortune but you know what I mean!!
In a fancy dress mood here are pictures of his older siblings on their last day. 
 My eldest, now a very cool 22 year old who has a few more muscles! Their theme was "Super Heroes".
My daughter as a 21st Century Tin Man, following a "Wizard of Oz" theme. She is now a truly wonderful 20 year old.
Now I have got to find the cat and head for the vets, a task definitely designed to bring me back to the present!!


  1. Great Photographs Janice. I wish your Son every success at Uni. Ben takes his last exam on Saturday, then that's his first Year at Uni finished. Can't believe how quickly time

  2. Very sweet. Beautiful children! : )

  3. They look like a fun group a guys! Isn't it great when you're in the last year of secondary school that vacation starts in May!
    My son is in the last year of elementary school, but still has two more months of classes to go before summer vacation starts.

    A fantastic time in the lives of children, leaving school and going to university, becoming young adults. Such a transition! And yes, for you as well. I do hope you can enjoy it too!
    ~Josje~ (sorry, google won't let me log in again)

  4. What a nice tradition! We just have Prom over here. Fancy dress means evening wear. Congrats to your son!

  5. They grow up so fast don't they. Great pictures and what a fun way to end school.

    Victoria xxx

  6. A day of celebration and fun then a day to recover!!
    Back to work on Sunday for the serious business of revision for the all important A2 Exams.
    Desperate for him to get the grades to avoid the huge hike in fees next year. I have had everything crossed for months now......

  7. I didn't think your son normally looked like that...then I saw it was fancy dress! They look great!

    My nephew is in London this weekend in fancy dress (part of university life), it never stops! lol

    I'm having intermittent probs with Blogger, so I have lots to catch up on!

    Michelle xxx

  8. I'm right there with you. I loved reading your post and seeing your pictures. I have been having such a hard time with my 2 youngest graduating. I thought it might get easier but it has gotten harder. Oldest is 22 the youngest is 17. Just yesterday they were all little kids who needed me now they want to spread their wings and fly ..... but I want to go too. Hugs! Kim

  9. It goes far far to quickly! My eldest son Jake takes his GCES's right now and we are the same, hoping he gets what he wants to get on his college course for the next 2 years! Emily is into her 2nd year at uni now too, where does that time go! I love the costumes such a fun idea! Our lot have proms and then all write on each other but this is a much better idea! xx

  10. If there is one thing I have learnt, and I pass it on all the time.....

    We are young for a very short part of our lives and old for a very long time. I encourage my children to enjoy every moment and take every opportunity available to them.
    Cos all too soon they will have a mortgage, a car, maybe kids and a partner who doesn't like to travel and wants to stay at home and play with her dolls!!!

  11. Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading this post :) . Such a great bunch and oh, what I will give to be able to fit into those skin tight clothes and really look like super heroes and not dumplings.

    And I think you have taught your children well :)


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