Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things..........Part 2, Lidi Stroud

During a visit to Miniatura a couple of years ago I came across the amazing work of Australian artisan Lidi Stroud. Lidi's basket and wicker work cages were just what I was looking for and I have been adding to my collection a couple of times a year.
It was also a pleasure to meet Lidi at the Kensington Festival this year. Lidi has been travelling with her charming husband, Peter, and incorporated the show into their plans. 
 These are my two latest additions. The basket will be filled with lots of wizarding shopping and the bird house will find a place in the Magical Menagerie.
 While shopping at another stand I caught up with the Stroud's doing their own browsing and much to her husband's concern I told Lidi of my passion for Sarah Hendry's work. Needless to say Lidi could not resist and one of Sarah's Pocket People is off to Australia!
 These three cages, all hand-made in wicker, are all destined for the Magical Menagerie where I hope to hang them from the rafters. 
 Each little door opens so I should be able to place a small bird or animal inside.
I just loved the shapes of the smaller cages too. I hope to add to my collection a piece at a time especially now Lidi has an Etsy shop AbsoluteBasketcase.
You can see more of Lidi's marvellous work on her CDHM profile page.
Oh and here are a couple of pictures of Lily helping in the garden!
A puppy plant!
Now where's that hose?!


  1. I had the pleasure of talking to Lidi at Miniature in October when I was helping Mary Williams out. She is lovely and she has got my Red Riding hood and a pumpkin pram. I also have a couple of her pieces. The puppy is lovely. I remember our Henry when he was like that but is a Great Dane Neoplolitan Mastiff cross LOL.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love Lidis work. You chose two wonderful pieces. From...Catherine XXX
    Kilmouski & Me

  3. Those baskets are so great for hanging in the Potter projects, must look her up, shes on her hols right now! xxx

  4. I've been ogling these birdhouses for a while and I think I need one in the near future as well. They are soooo lovely as are the baskets, of course.
    And the thing with dogs helping in the garden ... sigh ... one day I will break my neck because my dog helps me with digging holes all over the place. He started at the ripe old age of seven to do this. He never did as a puppy.

  5. Hi ladies, I think Lidi returns to Australia in a couple of weeks. I watched her making a basket and the delicacy of her work is amazing. She must have the patience of a saint!

  6. Love the baskets and the cages are amazing, can't wait to see what you put in them :)


  7. Fabulous purchases Janice. Debie brought me one of Lidi's Cages, they are


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