Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sevilla es stupenda!

I had a wonderful time in Sevilla with my Spanish class. A beautiful city, friendly people and delicious food what more could you ask for.
 The architecture is stunning both quirky and stylish. We were really lucky to visit during a public holiday which meant the city was full of families enjoying their city and each other.
 We stayed in a hotel very close to the centre which meant we were able to walk everywhere which is a must for me when travelling. I love to walk the streets soaking up the atmosphere and seeing all there is to be seen.
 The lovely weather also means lots of stops at the abundance of outdoor cafes and tapas bars where you can just sit and watch the world go by. What I also enjoyed was the fact that very little English was spoken, which meant we had to practice our Spanish. Of course we weren't always accurate but the locals seemed very amused by our attempts. Luckily my request for 'agua con gas y ajo' was questioned and ice 'heilo' substituted!
 I also loved the tapas which is on offer everywhere. Lots of little plates to taste which really suits the way I like to eat. I did pass on bull's tail and tripe I just couldn't bring myself to eat it but I'm sure others would love it.
 There are also lots of little lanes to meander down, tiny shops to investigate and flamenco to enjoy.
 For those who love to shop Sevilla has a fabulous selection of high quality shops on offer selling everything from Spanish bullfighter's hats, which were gorgeously stylish, to beautiful woollens. I was almost tempted by a fabulous pair of leather boots but decided against them as I was not sure they were made to survive an English winter, but they were yum... 

The flight was bearable as it was from Stansted which is only 15 minutes from home, I am not a great one for travel. If you are looking for a couple of days away from home to re-charge and enjoy slipping into a different culture I would highly recommend Sevilla.
Lots of helpful Spanish bloggers sent me directions to miniature shops in Sevilla but unfortunately my street map was not up to the task so I will have to leave that idea for my next visit as I will definitely be going back. 


  1. Happy to read you had a good time there!:)

  2. Me alegro que tu paso por Sevilla haya sido tan maravilloso.
    Cuando vas una vez siempre se piensa en volver. Veo que has disfrutado de la ciudad y de su comida. ¿Los sevillanos bien? :)
    Besos Clara

  3. Agua con gas y ajo... :)
    Well I do the same on the other way, when I speak English...LOL
    Yes, Sevilla is sooooooo pretty, a onderufl city.
    I am happy that you had a great time. you learn Spanish? :)

  4. jajaja, ajo y agua, seguro que el camarero se reiría mucho, eso aquí es un taco dicho para no insultar, jajaja.
    es un placer para mi saber que le gusto mi ciudad y veo que no dejo de visitar nada.
    en los últimos días el ambiente en las calles es genial se anticipa la navidad.

    jajaja, garlic and water, the waiter sure laugh a lot, that here is a taco told not to swear, hahaha.
    is a pleasure for me to know that you liked my city and I see that there is nothing left to visit.
    in recent days the atmosphere in the streets is great anticipates Christmas.

  5. A beautiful city!! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!! :)


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