Thursday, 18 November 2010

Travelling? For or Against........

Like many people of a certain age my husband feels the need to travel. He longs to visit far flung places. He wants to have adventures. He is wants to learn to scuba dive, go white-water rafting, eat strange food and meet new people.
Well as he is not a celebrity, so I was not able to get him accepted for "I'm a Celebrity......", and now we are on our way to Malaysia and Borneo this January.
At the risk of seeming like the most boring person in the world - I don't travel well, yep just like fine wine.
I suffer from awful motion sickness for a start, I never pack the right things, I hate being too hot and I am terrible with new people. 
My husband keeps telling me that now the children are grown we should be off exploring the world - I didn't think there was anything better than Disney World. 
Plus, like a lot of married people with jobs and hobbies and children, we don't actually spend an awful lot of hours in the day on our own........we are now planning to do that for 19days!!!!! My God the thought is terrifying!
He has planned it all for us: Kuala Lumpar, Kota Kinabalu, jungle trekking and camping, diving, rafting, a romantic hotel on the beach and lots of quality time for us to enjoy.
I have planned to buy an Ipad to make sure I have something to do in the awkward silences after dinner or for when we've had a row because I am not going to climb that bloody mountain.
So have a thought for me in your prayers tonight and search your miniature networks for shops I can visit in Kuala Lumpar.


  1. Yikes, I feel your pain. My hubby wants to go to Morocco and I am just plain scared!

  2. Oh Janice, I'm sorry but that made me laugh! I'm a home biddy so going off on holiday is torture for me too. And I'm usually the one left to organise everything - hubby walks in, picks up his suitcase and is good to go! I'm sure it will be a lovely holiday and, if not, then don't hesitate applying for "I'm a celebrity..." next year because this year I haven't a clue who any of them are! At least we'll know Mr Mini Mum!!!

  3. Oh Janice, I know I mustn't laugh, but your post did make me giggle. You have your own real life Indiana Jones. LOL Just go with the flow, I bet your have a wonderful time. Just make sure you've had all the appropriate Jabs and don't you need malaria medication as well?
    If your going to Borneo are you going to see the Orangutan?

  4. How exciting!! It will be an amazing adventure. But prepare to be hot, very hot. The plus is that it gives you the prefect excuse to drink (lots of) cooling cocktails in the evening.

  5. Thank goodness it's not only me! He is so keen, he really wants to spend 19 days with me, has he learnt nothing over all these years! And no children as a buffer.
    We are going to see the wildlife in our 'boutique' accommodation, which as far as I have been able to work out means we have a mosquito net each and a door flap you can actually fasten!

  6. Ha ha ha! Your post made me laugh! My OH wants to wear a denim jacket and ride a Harley Davidson - he's at that certain age too! I keep saying it's a phase, it'll pass - lol

    I'm sure you'll both have a great time (and I'm with you, I wouldn't do the mountain either).

  7. Good Luck Janice. I hate to leave home. I have traveled in my younger days and even lived in Venezuela for 18 months in the late 70's. I am married to a man who is worst than me about leaving. We make excuses not to leave like it's summer can't leave the garden, in winter we can't leave the boiler. Then theres the dog, we would never kennel her so we stay home. I totally understand how you feel. But like Debbie said maybe you will have fun. Get a kindel and put books on it you want to read, I never leave home without mine. Look at it as an adventure hee hee.

    Victoria : )

  8. That is lovely that he wants to spend time with you...and no, men don't learn.

    I am a homebody too and when I do travel, my husband is the last one I want to do it with - girlfriends are much more fun! Once you get away though, you should have a great and memorable time. :~)

    Did you get my email - I can see you have been distracted with other things!

  9. Hi Christine, no sign of an email. Could you send me another?
    It is nice to know that he wants to spend time together but girlfriends are more fun!

  10. Hi everyone. It is hard not to appear ungrateful but the thought of the flight is enough to make me pull the duvet up higher!
    And the's not bad enough that I am at that age where my own internal central heating has its own extremely high thermostat. If you don't hear from me after the 15th of January you will know he has killed me and left me in the jungle.

  11. Whoops, hot flushes in the tropics . . .!!!
    All I can say is, you will either enjoy the whole trip, which is good, or you'll be very pleased to get home, which is good too. :D

  12. LOL!!!! JANICE! You are hilarious :):).

    I love Malaysia and you are going to be very very close to me! I live in Singapore. If you husband will let you, come visit :):). There are no dollhouse shops here or in Malaysia though but I can show you where you can buy materials here :). Email me if you want to know more about Malaysia or Singapore :):)

  13. O yes, Janice, there is a Dollhouse & Miniature Association of Malaysia. I believe its a gathering of fellow enthusiast. This is their blog:

  14. LOL Janice, you made me laugh too :) I would jump at the cahnce to go on that holiday ( I have only left this country twice in my entire life!) BUT... I would insist on taking my mini laptop... I just couldn't be apart from it for 19 days, I would miss everyone terribly!
    I'm sure you will have a wonderful time and you will have heaps to share with us of your mountain climbing adventures when you get back :)
    Julia xxxx

  15. creo que lo mejor que se puede hacer en estos casos es no preocuparse y tomar el viaje como viene, intentando disfrutar incluso el mareo.
    El viaje que pensaron es un gran viaje, seguro que lo pasa bien, ya nos contara.
    un abrazo

    I think the best thing to do in these cases is not to worry and take the tour as it comes, trying to enjoy even dizziness.
    The trip they thought is a great ride, sure it goes well, tell us.
    a hug

  16. I love travelling so it's never an issue with me, though I DO hate flying, but not enough to put me off from doing it. I'm sure you will love once you are 'living the holiday' and I'm sure you'll be glad that your hubby booked the holiday! :o)))

    Michelle xxxx

  17. Oh my goodness I have gotten quite the chuckle reading your post. Have you ever heard the expression "They're all the same, jsut their names are different"?! HA! The men I mean of course! Most of us have one and we all feel the same at some point as you do! I can't wait to read about your travels! LOL! You sound like me so I should be able to relate very well! And being from the U.S. all of this type of travel is very foreign to me! Do take care!


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