Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Emporium Goes Green....& Thank You After Dark

I have spent some time on the Emporium trying to soften up the outside and finishing off a couple of jobs. Firstly I added moss and greenery all around the shop.
I have always used the greenery produced for miniature railways which I can buy easily from all types of craft shops.
It sticks to anything but is a bit messy to use, a bit like when you use glitter, a little bit seems to spread a very long way!
The lead flashing has finished off the edge between the shop front extension and the main front panel. I was going to use this on the roof ridges but decided against it, I thought the tile edges were cleaner and I have put a little bit of moss along the join.
I have been building a collection of toadstools from Nikki and Lory of 64tnt especially for this shop. I have all different colours and sizes.
At the moment I have placed them in little groups around the front bays of the shop. I started with a little patch of the green moss....
.....when this had dried I stuck on a small ball of paper clay which I then covered before 'planting' a variety of smaller toadstools. I will be able to tell if the have stuck firmly when the clay is dry tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
The 'tradesman's side door has been decorated with dried acorns and a tiny pumpkin, flowers from my usual kits and outside lighting from Lorainne of DFLY Miniatures!!
I want to create a warm autumnal feel around the shop to help soften the stark lines on the grey, so lots of flower and vine making still to be done.
A lovely package arrived for me this morning from the extremely talented After Dark After All who has a fabulous selection of items for sale on Etsy. I recently purchased some fab pieces but unfortunately when they arrived a few of the more delicate pieces had snapped off in transit. I wasn't sure what glue to use on the fimo as I have not had much luck with repairs in the past so I contacted the buyer for advice.
She was very helpful and the repairs were successful. Plus I was offered free postage on my next purchase.
 This lovely pumpkin board was my next purchase, doesn't it conjure up Autumn!
 But look what I also found in the package! A very unexpected extra which I adore....all these wickedly spooky pumpkins.
And a bread wreath and ghostly cookies. I know we keep saying it but the artisans we deal with in our little miniature world are simply the nicest of people. Also I think they truly value their customers unlike all the other mainstream shops I have to tackle in my real life.
Thank you, all of you who make my mornings so pleasant!


  1. WOW! I love all the deatails you have put into this ;) Just fabulous!!!

  2. Getting there! I have got to make sure your witches have somewhere nice to shop!

  3. It's looking great, Janice - the mossy bits and the addition of mushrooms and pumpkins is inspiring!
    Very welcoming! :))

  4. Thanks Glenda, I am pleased so far. I do find it hard to create a relaxed look and make things look like they haven't been whipped into shape!

  5. love the little clumps of toadstools on the bays! Looking Great!

    Victoria :)

  6. They are sweet Victoria. I have placed the items you kindly made for me in the very un made Roots and Shoots. They have brightened up the whole row of shop carcasses.

  7. Loving all the items. Especially the mushrooms. The shop is looking very magical!

  8. very very beautiful! cant wait to see the finished project!

  9. I love all the pumpkins and mushrooms they look wonderful on the outside of your Emporium xxx

  10. Its looking lovely Janice. Your little display above the tradesman door is really, really nice :)
    Julia xxx

  11. La fachada está quedando ideal. El musgo y los hongos la hacen muy agradable. Toda la decoración sobre el escaparate me encanta.
    Tus compras lucen perfectas.
    Besos Clara

  12. I love the doorway display the best too! Its all amazing, the colours are fab, I love anything spooky with lots of colours or it can look so drab. After Dark minis....ahhh love them, wish I had more luck winning some or more money to buy them from Etsy! Sigh!! Kate xxx

  13. Thank you everyone. I have had a little bit of time this week and really enjoyed getting creative again. Now I can't wait to begin the larger flower holders.

  14. Hi Kate. I have only just discovered After Dark when I got lucky on Ebay. Now I lust after some of the rustic food plates for my Leaky Cauldron diners! Christmas maybe?

  15. I love the scene above the door best! ;o)) I still love YOUR walls the best!!!! Lovely and lumpy just the way I like them! :o))) The moss etc most certainly softens the whole look. :o)

    I bought some of Lory's mushrooms too, aren't they great? I have some tiny loose ones from Nikki too, my Granny Pumpernickle AKA the witchy hat maker is having most of them. :o))

    Michelle xx

  16. Love the toadstool in the corner and th pumpkins over the door. great touch of fantasy and color!

  17. The moss does so much! And then you added mushrooms... perfect! Looking great! Super glad my candles could be a part of it :)


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