Friday, 24 September 2010

Look Who Landed Today.......

I recently found the most talented lady called Traci on Etsy who sells the most wonderful range of dragons and goblins. Her shop is Feythcrafts and please go and have a look . 
I puchased some of her smaller dragons in nut shells and was really pleased with them as they were so beautifully crafted.

 Soooooo....... I contacted Traci and asked her if she would make me a couple of pieces in 12th scale and   
my superb dragon landed today and he is magnificent.
 I wanted him to be ledge sitting so he could take pride of place on the window ledge of my witch house
and as you can see he could not fit better. To be honest I was absolutely overwhelmed when I took him out of his package, he is so perfect. Amazingly Traci was worried because she does not usually work in such a small scale! 
These pictures do not really do him justice as the light was so bad today but he looks like he is just about to stretch and yawn, he is so tactile. 
I also asked for a goblin for Diagon Alley and again my expectations were far surpassed so I will introduce you to my newest inhabitant, 
Isn't he gorgeously, horrible!? A real Gringott's runner just itching to be rude and nasty.
He is a tiny 3 inches tall which further emphasises Traci's talent as he has so much detail and like the dragon is ready to move as soon as your back is turned "Indian in the Cupboard" style.
Lastly I just had to have this tiny baby elf all wrapped up in his leaf papoose.
 Again the photos just do not do Traci's work justice he is just so cute and really tiny. I think he will hang in the potting area of my witch house to be looked after by my wise old witch.
I hope Traci enjoyed making these because I am over the moon with all of them. They are simply fabulous and they have brightened up a really gloomy week. I hope they have made you smile too.


  1. Fabulous!! They're all so charming :))
    Traci is very talented . . .

  2. OH yes I've seen her work in etsy before - I think somebody else posted about her work on their blog. I absolutley love all of it! But I have to say I'm partial to the dragons - they are just too darn cute! She's a very talented artist - great sculpts!!

  3. Precioso. Me apasionan ese tipo de personajes. El dragón es una maravilla.

  4. Yes, I too have seen this artisan's wonderful work! I think Julia bought a little goblin. I love the dragon and I remember seeing him on Etsy. He is quite wonderful. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  5. Wow I thought he was really big as hes so detailed , didnt realise he was 1 12th scale til I saw him on your dollshouse! Hes spectacular, I hope she chooses to make more in this scale , I think they would sell well. And what a great character your goblin is, youll have to have a Gringotts bank now in your collection, or could he just have come out on his lunch break to scour the Alley for treasures ? Kate xx

  6. Oh my Janice, that dragon is absolutely bloominfantastic!! I am in love!!!!! that has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen, no wonder he's got pride of place.
    (I sent you an email the other day, did you get it?) x

  7. I love the dragon! WOW! I have one of Traci's small baby dragons - my little treasure ;) - but this is amazing!

  8. I just love that dragon! He is perfect and the spot is perfect too!

  9. I hope Traci will do more in 12th too! I would love a little girl goblin.

    Kate I think my goblin will soon be seen marching down Diagon Alley!

  10. Yes, The dragon is perfect perched on the roof. The little goblin really has attitude hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  11. Perfectas compras. El dragón esta muy bien sobre tu ventana, está descansando :)
    Besos Clara

  12. Queda perfecto en el alfeizar de su ventana.
    En hora buena.

    Is perfect on his window sill.
    In good time


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